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Remove the round cover in the trunk area. There will be a wing nut you take off. Now on the outside of car, using a small flat screwdriver place it underneath the rubber gasket on the light assembly ( depending on left or right light assembly, screwdriver should be where the bumber cover meets the body. There are 2 clips underneath at opposite ends near both body parts meeting ) It does take a little force top pop out the whole assembly, make sure screwdriver is big enough it does not bend.

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Q: How do you replace a stop lamp on a 2003 VW Beetle?
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When did the production of the original VW beetle stop?

Last built 2003 in Mexico

How do you replace the stop lamp sensor on a 1993 Volvo 940?

check the switch on the top of the brake pedal.

How do you replace stop light 1992 Volvo 940?

Which one, the middle one or one of the two outside ones and is it the whole lamp or just the bulb you want to replace?

How do you replace center high mounted stop lamp bulb on a 2002 Chevy Avalanche?

go here for instructions:

How to Replace fuse in 2003 Ford Expedition?

whats is number the fuse stop ligths rear

What is the bas esp light on a Mercedes ml500?

Most likely cause would be the stop lamp switch, located on the brake pedal. Do you know the code? If the code is C1200 then it IS the stop lamp switch. Just remove the underdash panel and you can see and replace the switch.

How do you replace a fog lamp bulb and center high-mounted stop lamp bulb on a 1996 Pontiac Grand Am?

To remove the fog lamp bulb just pull the plug off the back of the bulb and turn the bulb one quarter turn and it will come out. To remove the high brake lamp bulb you need to carefully pry the plastic cover off then there are two Phillips screws that remove the whol lamp assembly then just pull out the bad bulb and replace

How do you replace the high mount stop lamp in 1997 Ford Explorer Sport?

I don't know if the 1997 is the same as the 1993, but here is the procedure from the 1993 manual: 1. Remove the two screws from the surface of the lens. 2. After removing the screws, remove the lamp assembly. 3. Remove the socket by rotating it 45 degrees and pulling it out of the lamp that contains the burned-out bulb and replace the bulb. To replace/install the stoplamp: 1. Push the bulb socket into the lamp assembly and rotate 45 degrees. 2. Position the lamp assembly on the vehicle. 3. Secure with two screws.

Where is the stoplight switch on a 2002 Chrysler Sebring sedan?

The stop lamp switch is on a bracket above the brake pedal.The stop lamp switch is on a bracket above the brake pedal.

How do you stop water leakage from 2003 Toyota solara thermstat housing?

I believe, you need to replace the thermostat gasket.

What happens if you leave a lava lamp on non-stop?

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2000 vw beetle manual transmission not engaging why?

transmission stop engaging, after fuel stop, why

Why do we always start and stop LAMP?

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How do you replace the high level brake light on a 2003 Ford Fiesta?

High-Level brake lamp bulb change. Open the hatch back. Remove the two rubber grommets behind the stop lamp. Insert the flat blade of a screwdriver into each hole and press down the spring clip. The light unit will pop out of its seat. Close the hatch and change the 16W wedge fitting bulb. Click the light unit back into place and replace the two rubber grommets. Easy when you know how!

Replace stop light bulb on 2006 Colorado?

How do it replace the stop light bulb

What was the impact of the miner's safety lamp?

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I have a 2003 Toyota Camry and it makes a grinding noise when you stop or brake?

Your front breaking pads are needed to be repalced, you might have to replace rotors.

Why does the gearshift on a 2002 Ford Explorer XLT not come out of Park You don't have to depress the brake to unlock it All normal maintenance has been kept up?

replace brake lamp stop switch

Why would 7 stop lamp fuses blow in a week on a 2003 trailblazer ext?

Because there is a known issue with the brake lamps on the 2003 Trailblazer. I own a 2003 Trailblazer and had to take it in for service on a recall due to the issue. Take it to your Chevy dealer and have them check the VIN to see if the recall was ever done.

How do you replace the rear turn signal bulb on a 2007 Lincoln MKX?

Replacing tail/stop/turn/sidemarker/backup lamp bulbs The tail/stop/turn/sidemarker/backup lamp bulbs are located in the same portion of the tail lamp assembly, one just below the other. Follow the same steps to replace either bulb. Note: Your vehicle is equipped with a backup lamp assembly containing integral multiple light emitting diodes (LED). See your authorized dealer for the replacement LED module. 1. Make sure the headlamp switch is in the off position and then open the liftgate to expose the lamp assembly bolts. 2. Remove the two bolts from the lamp assembly. 3. Carefully remove the lamp assembly away from the vehicle by pulling the assembly straight out to expose the bulb socket. DO NOT TIP THE LAMP ASSEMBLY SIDEWAYS. 4. Rotate the bulb socket counterclockwise and remove from lamp assembly. 5. Pull bulb straight out of socket and snap in the new bulb. 6. Install the bulb socket into the lamp assembly and rotate clockwise. 7. Carefully install the tail lamp assembly on the vehicle by securing the lamp assembly with two bolts.

Where is the fuse for the brake lights on a 2003 Dodge Dakota?

The brake light fuse should be in the fuse box under the hood and behind the battery. The fuse location diagram should be on the inside of the fuse box lid, and the fuse will probably be marked, 'stop lamp', 'ST LAMP', or something like.

What number in the fuse panel is the 3rd brake light fuse in a 2003 sport trac?

According to the 2003 Ford Explorer Sport Trac Owner Guide : In the fuse panel IN the drivers side end of the dash : ( # 13 is a 15 amp fuse for the center high mounted stop lamp and the other stop lamps / brake lights )

Rear middle stop lamp remains on when headlights are on 1991 subaru legacy?

There are a couple of things that can cause your middle stop lamp to remain on. The most common cause will be a loose or corroded ground wire.

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What is the name of the light that attaches to the top of a Chrysler Pacifica hatch?

Center High Mount Stop Lamp or CHMSL. It is also called a third brake light.Center High Mount Stop Lamp or CHMSL. It is also called a third brake light.