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Are the dashboard light actually burnt out or is it the fuse? Have you checked the fuse? If the fuses are good you may have to take out the cluster. Also, taking out the cluster doesn't involve "ripping apart" the dash, the black skirt type thing that goes around the cluster should have 2 or 3 screws up top. Once you get that out, the cluster is exposed, and it's really easy, theres 4 screws then the 3 cable connectors. I just brought the whole cluster with me to the auto store and got 4 new bulbs (i only needed one but i thought it would help to replace all of them at once since some were getting dim)

Important Note: Disconnect the negative lead (ground) from the battery before doing this, you dont want the airbag going off by accident since you are working in the vicinity of the steering column. It will spark when you reconnect it, i just wore some leather gloves...

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2008-10-24 03:18:23
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Q: How do you replace dashboard lights on 1998 Mazda 626?
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