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How do you replace headlights in 1986 C10 Silverado?


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It should be fairly easy, from the front of the vehicle there should be some screws that hold in the plastic casing, I think they are the star wrench screws. You should be able to take off the plastic piece just around the headlight and blinker unless it is a dual headlight. Once the plastic piece is off the headlight has a thin metal rim around it that has scews in it as well. Remove those (careful that you are not turning the headlight adjusting screws) and the headlight should come out and then you just unplug it, plug the new one back in and put everything back together.


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You can find a diagram of a fuse box for a 1982 Chevy Silverado C10 in the owner's manual. You can also find it at various auto stores.

yes/no. the name silverado on recent model chevrolet trucks refers to all chevy trucks 2 and 4 wheel drive, they are named as silverado 1500 (1/2 ton) silverado 2500 (3/4 ton) and silverado 3500 (1 ton) and now they have standard designations silverado 2500 as well as silverado 2500 HD for heavy duty versions of the fore mentioned load capacity ratings. The older trucks (C10) are base model trucks named only by capacity. A C10 is a 1/2 ton truck a C20 is a 3/4 ton truck and C30 is a one ton truck (capacity- not weight of the truck, dealing with tow capacity and load capacity) then there was K10 K20 K30 where the "K" means 4 wheel drive, the "C" means 2 wheel drive. some of the older high optioned trucks also had names such as "cheyenne" and "silverado". so from old to new a "silverado 1500 2wd is the same as an old "C10" while a "silverado 2500 Z71" could be compared to a "K20". In dealing with older trucks where both "silverado" and "C10" were offered a "silverado" would be a higher optioned version of a "C10"

Advertised Horsepower is---245HP @ 4000 RPMs.

The 1986 Chevrolet C10 pickup truck fuel filter is located inside of the fuel tank. The fuel tank will need to be removed in order to change the fuel filter.

the gap for the 1983 Chevy c10 silverado is 0.035 ("35 mils") 0.889mm

It will be on the driver side head, between the first two spark plugs.

Yes, I have one sitting in the driveway.

comes stock with 305, 350 turbo tranny, is an older dependable truck...... what is it ur looking to find out?SearchSearch with Google. The 1986 C10 also came with a 4.3L V6 and a 4 speed manual transmission

If you want everything from headlights, heater cores, tailgates, replacement glovebox sheetmetal and domelight bulbs specific to your 1982 C10 then go to has been my best resource for my C10. They are cheaper than JC Whitney and Summit, have more specialized parts and are pretty thorough. For body parts you might want to try for your C10 the prices are about 25% cheaper than even LMCTRUCK but they have a limited selection where LMCTRUCK has a factory level breakdown of each part and it's components so you can replace parts instead of assemblies.

I'm trying to find that site that has 4.3 V6 motor frame mounts for a 1986 Chevy C10 pickup. PLease help me locate it ? I would appreciate it very much. thank you.

That would depend on a lot of things. Year milage, engine size and over all condition. hard question to answer.

in the fuel line going into the carb in the fuel line going into the carb

Drop the fuel tank or remove the bed to access the pump.

Check up by the manifolds or anywhere before the catalytic converter.

About a $100.00 if NO bolts brake. Labor only

What do c10 mean engrave on a ring

V-8 engine, 1, 8, 4, 3, 6, 5, 7, 2.

No, the ball joints are much larger on the C10.

YES. That would be a direct swop / bolt in.

Why yes it will. People often do this for comfort and style, also it gives you more leg room below the steering wheel which is an added bonus especially if you do not have tilt.

No, completely different body style.

You have wires going to the carb on a 72 Chevy c10?

The last year for the 327 in a C10 was 1968.

The 1986 C10 (which I have) are interchangeable with the 1973-1987 C10, C20 and C30 and also many parts on the K10, K20 and K30. Depends on which parts but most of the body, interior and beds are interchangeable. You can also exchange sone body parts with the K5 blazer and the C10 to C30/K10 to K30 Suburban like hoods, fenders, bumpers, doors, seats (the blazer and the suburbans had bucket seats) All other parts you can order new in exhausting detail from

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