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Need the instructions to replace passenger side mirrow on a 2006 Saturn vue.


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* Remove the mirror trim cover from the door panel * Remove the three mirror retaining nuts and detach the mirror from the car

Take the inside door panel off or loose enough to get to the 3 10 millimeter nuts on the mirror, take the nuts off and unplug the wiring to the mirror where it plugs in on the door, just reverse process to reinstall.

All you have to do is remove the black cover on the inside corner be careful as it is clipped and it is easy to break..The nuts holding the mirror are 8mm just remove them..Disconnect the wire connector and it pops right out...

* Remove the mirror trim cover from the door panel * Remove the three mirror retaining nuts and detach the mirror from the car

first remove the screws in the door panel then remove inside door handle 10mm screw on the inside edge of handle.gently lift up on the door you have acess to the electrical connector and the three nuts that hold on the mirror

Ford didnt make a Fusion till 2006

Front passenger side. The plug is facing towards the rear of the car.

Mirror Mirror - 2006 was released on: UK: 12 August 2006 USA: 13 April 2006 (New York City, New York)

Got to take the door panel off to excess the bolts.

1500 2500 3500 or denali? Try this site out it gives step by step guide on what to do, parts, etc. Plus has pictures to help as well. I just did a basic gmc sierra.

Inner door panel has to be pulled off or loose to get to the nuts that hold the mirror on, take the nuts off and if the mirror is power you have to disconnect the wires and then just pull the mirror off.

I am in a similar boat and need to replace a driver's side mirror on a 2006 Chrysler Town & Country. I understand that the trim needs to be removed from above the instrument panel, and then there are three bolts that can be accessed. Do you know exactly which trim panel should be removed, and where the trim pads are located? .................................................................................................................................. I am going to add to this........because I have a 2006 caravan and had to change the driver side door mirror.... 1. First on the dash board, stretch to the front and lift up the panel that run along just next to the wind shield. It will appear to fit snug, but it can be removed. Use a screw driver and lightly try to pry it up.. 2. Once removed, you will then have access to the wires and to disconnect them. But first as the first writer said, remove the trim by the mirror by prying them open with a screw driver, careful not to damage them. Once remove , you will then be able to have access to the three screws and once you unscrew them, you can then disconnect the wires. and replace the mirror. Just reverse the operation. Hope this helps, works well with the 2006 caravan.

Front Passenger side. The plug is facing towards the rear of the car

The Boxing Mirror was created in 2006.

How do you take drivers airbag out on a 2006 saturn ion?

Saturn Aura was created in 2006.

Saturn Outlook was created in 2006.

Under the dash board on passenger side. It is a 15 watt mini fuse

I don't know about the 2003, but I recently bought a 2006. When the power mirror adjustment button is selected to make the driver's side mirror active - that is, to adjust that mirror - the passenger's side mirror will rotate down when you shift into reverse. If the adjustment button is selected to the passenger's side, the mirror will remain stationary when you shift into reverse.

I found a diagram for the rear door of a 2006 Saturn Vue at this loaction:

The cast of The Kid in the Mirror - 2006 includes: Christopher Woon

You may be able to go to a glass store and have it replaced reasonably

It's a bit lengthy to recite word for word so . . . Follow the below link:

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