Jeep Grand Cherokee

How do you replace radiator 1999 Jeep Grand Cherokee?

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# Disconnect negative battery cable # Drain the cooling system

if coolant is still pretty new save it # Loosen the hose clamps

then detach the radiator hoses from the fittings on the radiator.If

they arestuck grasp each hose near the end with a pair of

channelock pliers and twist it to break the seal then pull it off

be careful not to distort the radiator fittings if the hoses are

old or deteriorated replace them. # On four cylinder and V6 models

disconnect the reservoir hose from the radiator filler neck # On

four cylinder and V6 models remove the screws that attach the fan

shroud to the radiator and slide the shroud toward the engine.On

inline six models equipped with auxiliary electric cooling fans

remove the electric fan.On all inline six models remove the

mounting bolts for the mechanical fan shroud lift the shroud up

until it clears the slots in the bottom bracket of the radiator

then push the shroud over the fan # If the vehicle is equipped with

an automatic disconnect the cooler lines fromthe rear of the

radiator use a drip pan to catch spilled fluid # Plug the lines and

fittings # Remove the radiator mounting bolts and carefully lift

radiator out of vehicle

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