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How do you replace rear shocks?

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2015-07-15 19:05:32
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What type of vehicle?


1997 camero rs convertable

If you have coil springs in the rear, you need to have two jacks. One will jack up the car up to take the tire off and be able to get to the shocks. The second jack will be used to stabilize the bottom of the coil pan so it doesn't drop down once you remove the shock and it will stay in perfect position to replace the new shock.

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If you replace the manual leveling shocks on the rear with regular shocks you also have to replace the rear coil springs with stiffer ones. Use gm part #15182559 or bilstein part #199021 to replace the coil springs. The coil springs that come with the manual leveling shocks are not stiff enough to use with regular shocks, causing the rear end to droop.

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The rear shocks on a Pontiac G6 are replaced by supporting the rear axle on jack stands, removing the wheels, and unbolting the shocks. New shocks can then be put in place and bolted on.

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