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Correction: to remove the alternator,first you have to remove the master cylinder, and take off the wheel guard by the wheel well(maybe 3 plug in screws) so that you can get at the alternator bolt. Once you get the upper and lower bolts off, use something to pry it out with (2x4 works well), then carefully slide it out, tight squeeze but can be done, and there you go. At the most, maybe 2-3 hrs.

Correct correction, don't remove the master cylinder, you have to bleed the brakes and getting to the mounting hardware and removing the brake lines can be disaster. I have been a mechanic for over 30 years. Do this instead;

remove the left wheel-remove the upper ball joint cover, two 10mm nuts cover the castle nut, remove the castle nut. Remove the strut assembly bolt from the lower control arm, that will give you the necessary travel to remove the driveshaft, that's what is really you need to do to remove and drop the alternator out. Now remove the lower mounting bolt from the wishbone from the lower control arm, this will allow more travel to remove the driveshaft. Remove the upper control arm ball joint nut. You have to release the tension of the upper ball joint to the upper control arm, one way is to use an expensive removal tool or thread the castle nut back on the ball joint stud just enough to protect the threads from being damaged. The object here is to pop the ball joint stud out of the control arm, this is when you have to be careful-I used a lead faced hammer or you can use a brass faced hammer, remember the idea here is to protect the threads. It will take a couple of brave licks to free the balljoint stud from the spindle. I also removed the brake hose securing attachment to allow more freedom for the brake hose. Remove the castle nut from the end of the driveshaft, it's gonna take a big socket, be careful to use a punch to get the locking face of the nut away from the groove of the shaft, take your time and move with small hits on the punch.When that is done remove the driveshaft. I will take some prying from the inner half shaft, be careful not to damage any of the soft rubber boots surrounding the CV joints. The left side of the drive shaft is in two pieces, the inner shaft stays put. Swing the spindle assembly toward the rear of the car and that will give you enough clearance to remove the shaft and finagle the alternator out.Remember to get some cotter pins, if you can save the old ones, good. Don't forget to relearn the computer idle speed calibration, I did the first time and had to disconnect the battery and relearn the computer.

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Q: How do you replace the alternator on a 1990 Acura Integra?
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