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1) IMPORTANT - Disconnect the neg battery terminal (IMPORTANT) 2) Release the spring loaded tensioner (makes the serpetine belt tight). The control bolt that keeps it tight is right tunder the alternator (1994 Voyager). Use a long handled torque wrench. 3) Hold on the to serpentine belt (otherwiuse it'll be a mess) keep it tight-ish. Pass a stick through it and keep it tight or prop it up with a bungies or something!!! Be gentle. 4) Two bolts hold the alternator, one is obvious the other is more towards the back. Watch your knuckles be gentle but strong. Remove the nuts, gently lift it out and hold it there. 5) Disconnect the leads from the the electrical that are attached. Place the old one on the bench. 6) Watch that belt!!! 7) Get the new alternator. 8) Connect the electrical. 9) Bolt it in. 10) Place the serpetine belt in the groove, careful make sure it doesn't pop out anywhere else below. Popping out (even one groove) and driving it could destroy your belt. 11) Back to the tensioner, relase slowly, it will make itself tight again. 12) Attach the battery again. 13) Start the car. 14) IMPORTANT remember, clean those battery posts and cable leads. the dirt won't allow full contact thus minimal recharge. Trust me, been there.

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Q: How do you replace the alternator on a 1992 Plymouth Voyager?
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