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How do you replace the back-up lights on a 1997 Cadillac Seville?


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2009-12-31 05:16:46
2009-12-31 05:16:46

look on the inside of the trunk. there should be some kind of butteryfly or 9/16 plastic nut. remove those and pull the light assembly loose from the trunk. if there are no nuts or retainers, just pry startingnear the bottom near the trunk latch. good luck.

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how do you replace backup lights on 99 grand am?

If the running lights won't go off on a 1997 Cadillac Seville, it could indicate a problem with the wiring. Check to ensure all wires are intact.

How to replace intrument panel lights on 2002 cadillac escalade

It should be right in front of you when you open the hood, on the plasic shroud covering the Radiator and Lights

I just bought a 97 Cadillac Seville that had the same problem. It was the fuse on mine. There are two separate power supplies for both the front and rear lighters.

Check Fuses, Replace Bulbs, Replace Shift Position Sensor. End of solution

some of the lighted buttons on the front dash are on longer lite when lights are on, how do i replace them on my 2000 Cadillac deville dhs.

Had the same problem with my GL. What I've heard is the back up blade in the shifting fork slips or falls out of line causing no contact when you shift into reverse. They have to replace reconnect thru transmission. 5 years without backup lights.

Reverse switch on trans. is, most-likely, broken or stuck on somehow. You need to check it and/or replace it.

It doesn't have any. The only C2 (1963-1967) with backup lights is the '67.

you need to replace the brake light button under the brakes inside the car

Tail lights. Brake lights. Backup lights. Signal lights. License plate lights.

What lights? dash? Floor? roof? trunk? a car has a lot of lights you know? Anyway just remove any parts in the way and replace the bulbs. Duh.

More than likely you will need to replace the backup light switch on the transmission case.

There are two backup lights next to the red tail lights.

replae backup light switch on transmission

please e-mail me if you found the problem with your dash light i have the same problem , someday it's working some day not ...?????? boutch501@videotrin.ca

It is located under the dash on the drivers side, mounted on the passenger side of the steering wheel. There are 2 flashers there. One for the turn signals and one for the hazard lights.

What year on my 2000 after removing all the nuts that hold the lights on the trunk. I couldn't remove the assembly with the trunk open. I fought this several times with no luck. So as a last resort I closed the trunk and the assembly came out. The book showed it coming out with trunk open. HOPE THIS HELPS

Where is the switch located for the back up lights on a 2000 cadillac daville

Either the switch that turns the backup lights on is out of adjustment, or has failed in the on position.

Which lights are you attempting to replace?

Flickering lights, on a Cadillac STS, is usually a sign of a loose wire. When all of the lights flicker, it is an indication of a loose battery ground cable.

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