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You can always take it somewhere and have them change them for you, places such as cartronics.

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Q: How do you replace the batteries in a keyless remote 2004 Passat Wagon?
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How come your VW Passat will not unlock with keyless entry?

You might need to programming the remote. Their should be instructions in the users manual. You're remote could also be need new batteries.

How do you replace battery in keyless entry remote in Pontiac Grand Am?

Open the keyless remote and you will see the battery take it out and replace it with the same size.

Why your keyless remote will not work on your 2004 dodge sprinter van?

Check the batteries in the remote with a volt meter.

What way do the batteries go in a keyless remote for a 1997 ford explorer?

The positive ( + ) side of the batteries faces down

How do you change the batteries on keyless entry door pad on a ford exporer?

The keypad doesn't take batteries , the remote takes a battery or batteries

How do you reset the keyless remote of ML-320?

I have just replaced some batteries in my 2001 ml 320 keyless remote and its not activating my security system. How do I get the remote to work again? Please help!!!

How do you replace rx8 keyless remote?

buy a new one

How do you replace the keyless remote battery on a VW Passat?

You can change a battery for Passat 2003 remote controller as follows. - turning with small flat screw driver from small hole separate two parts . - separate parts where buttons are with screw driver - replace battery, type CR2032 3V - assemble parts together I had no need for any reprogramming. Remote controller started to work just by replacing a battery.

How do you replace keyless remote battery on BMW 745I?

Cut open the remote with xacto knife , unsolder and replace the battery.

What type of battery does your keyless remote use 96 ford ranger?

Each remote takes ( 2 ) # 2016 batteries , they are coin style 3 volt lithium batteries

Where is the alarm reset button on a Dodge Journey?

On your keyless remote.On your keyless remote.

Do you have to reset the keyless entry remote on a 2000 Chevy Blazer after you change the batteries?


Door locks work sometimes but keyless entry remote will not work at all on my Ford Taurus?

The batteries may be dead on the remote.

97 Isuzu trooper keyless remote stopped working but still hear a click in the master door panel switch when remote depressed?


How to program remote for a 1999 VW Passat?

You can program the remote part not the key side, to reprogram the remote still you need two keys. if you need more details email me please give me programing instructions for keyless remote

Does the remote control for keyless entry have 2 batteries for the 98 beetle?

yes they are cr1620 lithium you can get them at Radio Shack

How do you program a keyless entry remote control of a 2007 VW PASSAT?

The only way to program the key it to take it to a dealer. They change about $100

Why will your the keyless remote on a GMC Envoy not work after car battery went dead and after you put new batteries in both the car and the remote?

because the remote is no longer programmed it will need reprogrammed

How do you replace the battery in a ford F-150 Keyless remote?

Split the remote open at the key fob loop.

Why doesnt your keyless remote work for your 2002 Chevy Tahoe?

Your keyless remote might not work for your 2002 Chevy Tahoe because the battery in the remote is dead. You can replace this battery by prying the remote cover off of the back of the remote or by removing the screws holding the cover closed.

How do you program keyless for a Cadillac dts?

Change batteries and press lock and unlock remote at the same time for (8) second.

OEM Alarm and keyless entry?

You might need to re-programming the remote. Check instructions in the users manual. The remote could also be need new batteries.

How do you reset keyless entry on jeep?

You might need to programming the remote. Their should be instructions in the users manual. You're remote could also be need new batteries.

How do you replace 1995 grand Cherokee keyless remote?

I had to replace a keyless remote for my 2001 dakota. I found one off od E-bay then I had to program it using the programing sequence in the owners manual. It was really simple. I only paid something like ten buck for the remote and have had no problems.

How do replace a battery in remote car starter?

I need three batteries for remote starters where do I purchase them? Can I have them shipped