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Now Im not sure if the '93 is just like the '94, however, the dimmer switch on the '94 Corsica is located on the lower end of the steering column, under the lower half of the center support bracket. There is a rod the works it that is attached to the turn signal/dimmer switch lever. Heres how to replace the '94 model's dimmer.

1) Disconnect the battery. 2) Tilt the wheel up (if its a tilt model). Move the seat back, then remove the upper and lower dash panels to reveal the entire steering column. 3) The dimmer is a white plastic switch with a two hole metal mounting bracket. Its located on the lower end of the steering column, under the lower half of the center support bracket. 4) Disconnect the wire harness to the dimmer by pressing in on the two retaining clips (plastic) on each side of the harness connector. Gently pull the connector out. 5) Loosen the two 2" bolts (silver) that hold the center support bracket to the dashboard but don't remove them all the way. This should give clearance to work. 6) The dimmer's bottom-most (toward firewall) mounting bolt is actually a small stud with a 3/8" nut. The top-most bolt is a 5/16" cap screw. Remove both. Remove the old dimmer. 7) The new dimmer will have a "retaining clip" to hold the switch in a neutral position during shipping. Remove it. 8) Hook the new dimmer assy on the stud and align the upper bolt in the hole, then attach the lower nut. 9) The bracket holes are slotted and you need to align the rod in the hole of the switch, then slide the switch up toward the steering wheel to remove all the slack in the rod. Tighten both bolts. 10) Reconnect the wire harness and then the battery cables. TEST the dimmer function before you button the dash up! You may have to adjust the slack slightly. 11) Replace the dash panels. Pat yourself on the back.

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or you could just pull it out and sav e bunch of effort and time

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Q: How do you replace the bright dimmer switch on a 1993 Chevy Corsica?
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This is not extremely hard but you do need direction. Get a manual on your car from the parts store or DiSCOUNTAUTOREPAIRMANUALS.COM

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The headlight switch should be easily removed from the dash. There are two connectors on the back side of the switch (one for the headlights and one for the dimmer). Simply unpug the connectors and plug in the new switch.

1989 Berretta etta dimmer switch?

On my 89 Corsica switch on column under dash and may be difficult to replace without lowering column. I unplugged old switch, plugged in new switch, set it to dim and wired it to column so now only have dim lights so this might work for you as I believe Berretta and Corsica the same for this.

What does a dash rheostat do on a 1995 Mercedes e300d?

That is the dash light dimmer control switch.. Rheostat = Dimmer. Bright to dim.

How do you change the dimmer switch 94 chev truck?

The dimmer switch is located near the floor on the left side of the steering column. The dimmer switch and ignition switch are secured by the same two screws. The dimmer switch will be the one on top. Loosen and remove the screws, disconnect the wiring harness from the dimmer switch and replace with the new switch, complete the assembly in reverse order.

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Where is the headlight dimmer switch located on a 2004 Chevy Blazer S-10 and how do you replace it?

dimmer switch is on the turn signal lever, to replace you need to remove steering wheel

Where is the dimmer switch on a 1986 Chevrolet k10?

The turn signal lever is the dimmer switch. You either pull it back or push it in. but also the dimmer switch its self is in the steering column u have to take the steering wheel off to replace

How do you fix a dimmer switch on a Chevy Metro 2000 LSI?

The only way to fix the dimmer switch is to replace it I have tried cleaning it lubercating it. nothing will fix it for good .so i had to replace it. It is a factory item.

What is the cure for a humming ceiling fan?

One of the things to do is if your ceiling fan is being operated by a dimmer, set the dimmer to the highest setting to stop it from humming or replace the dimmer switch with a regular wall switch.

Why would a 1990 Pontiac Fire Fly have bright lights but not dim?

Its the dimmer switch bad.

When you click for bright lights the headlights go out What do you do?

This is usually an indication that the dimmer switch is in need of replacement.

Why don't the headlights work on your 1995 ford ranger?

AnswerIf the lights work on the flash to pass but do not work otherwise either the switch is bad or the dimmer switch is bad. I just am working on a 1995 Ranger and found the dimmer switch to be bad. I checked the headlight switch and that was good so I found the dimmer switch to be the problem. I jumped the wires after unplugging the dimmer switch and lights come on. Replace the headlight dimmer switch and good to go! Hope this helps.

How do you replace the headlight dimmer switch on a 87 olds delta 88?

To replace the headlight dimmer switch on an 87 Olds Delta 88 you need to open the instrument panel under the steering column. Next, remove the two screws holding the switch in place, remove old switch, and reverse directions to replace with new switch.

How do you replace the dimmer switch on 2003 vw jetta?

Push the headlight button in while turning to the right (on position). Now pull out on the headlight switch and you will be able to reach in and pop the dimmer switch out with your finger.

Why would the headlights not work on a 1990 Chevrolet Corsica if the running lights work and the light switch is good?

It can be the dimmer switch. It needs to be checked out./ A test light will check for voltage.

How do you replace headlight dimmer switch on a 91 Honda civic?

The headlight dimmer switch is located on the end of the lever. Remove the steering column so the lever can be properly reached.

What needs to be done to remove and replace the combination turn signal cruise control wiper and headlight dimmer switch on a 2000 Silverado?

The combination turn signal, cruise control, windshield wiper, and headlight dimmer switch simply plugs in. Pull the relay switch out and replace with the new switch.

How do you replace ignition switch for a 1994 Chevy Corsica?

Remove the retaining ring at the top of your 1994 Chevy Corsica ignition switch. Slide the ignition switch out and remove the wiring harness. Reverse the process to install the new ignition switch.

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Im pretty sure after you remove the steering column cover, the switch clips in.