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How do you replace the cigarette lighter on a 1997 4Runner?

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August 06, 2006 4:12AM

I am replacing the factory radio in a '97 SR5 4runner, the

lighter does NOT come off like a Normal lighter. Usually, they just

twist/unscrew and voila! This one has plastic tabs that need to be

accessed from behind the trim. I fully removed the trim (due to

radio install) and STILL broke a small plastic tab off the

retaining clip while trying to remove the lighter. Bummer, but no

one will see and it doesn't affect normal operation! hope this

helps. Very easily follow instructions to remove the stereo

( The 12v plug (lighter socket) is attached to the

center housing (usually black on all 4Runners) has two electrical

plugs to the back of the lisghter socket: one for the 12v feed, the

other for the green illumination lamp. The lighter socket itself

will twist out and a replacement lighter socket can be purchased at

a junkyard or local dealer.

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