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How do you replace the clutch in a 1991 Nissan 240sx?


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ask the mechanic from the Nissan company


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Yes they will, both are the s13 model and virtually everything on s13s is interchangeable.

Takes about 19 hours all up to replace clutch plate pressure plate and thrust raceproviding you have access to a hoist.

what makes a 1991 Nissan 240sx stop while you drive. and it is not out of gas or oil. Could it be the ignition module

I am paying $195 parts and labor in my 98 maxima

yes it will and its about the best thing you could do to a 240Sx.

take out the halfshafts pull the motor and unbolt the tranny

Normally it is behind the brake pad...feel around there it should be there.

You must bleed the clutch dampener before bleeding the slave cylinder its that weird curvey steel hose before the slave unter the passangers feet. look arount the side of the dampner for the bleed screw

1-3-4-2 Distributor turns counter clockwise.

1990 is ka24e, single overhead cam, 1991 is ka24de, dual overhead cam.

yes any model of 240sx will be able to fit a sr20det as long as the harness is spliced to the old one of the stock ka. yes any model of 240sx will be able to fit a sr20det as long as the harness is spliced to the old one of the stock ka.

Check your clutch master cylinder and slave cylinder for leaks,if no leaks,then you need a new clutch kit.

Yes the 240sx Is back wheel drive, but its called RWD or rear wheel drive. Meaning the rear tires move the veheical

I had this problem with my 1992 Nissan 240 sx almost three years ago and it cost about $1,000.00 then I'm pretty sure it should be about the same, maybe a few hundred more with the time difference.

You can't aprrently on a hyrdraulic clutch, which these have that adjust automatically.

See if your public library has a Chilton's for your car to replace the clutch.

I do believe it is on the top of the passenger side valve cover. That was where it was located in the 1991 240SX. You want to make sure the car is turned off before you begin looking for it.

Yes the ecu will work. First disconnect the battery and connect the new one then reconnect the batter. Start up the 240sx and it should work it not it needs to be diagnoste goggle 1990 240sx ECU CODES FOLLOW THE STEPS AND THAT SHOULD WORK I know cause I'm using a 1992 ECU FROM Nissan Stanza. I was told it's alittle advanced on the horse power side and idle moves quicker.

the resivior is on the passenger side of the motor, its white, and you add it at the same place you check it.

The fuel pump on a 1991 Nissan 240 SX is located back by the fuel tank. It is an in-line pump, in the fuel line that runs from the gas tank to the carburetor. It is about the same size as a large soup can.

probably not, since 1989-1990 came with sohc ka24e motor not the dohc ka24de motor in the 1991 and newer versions

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