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I just replaced mine yesterday. I have a 1997 Chevy Silverado K1500. I bought the part for about $38.00 ( for the driver side.
You must remove the door panel, the plastic and the metal sheet underneath the plastic as well. There is one screw that you must remove that holds the handle from the inside. The other screw is on the side of the door. After you remove both, just unlatch the hook off the handle and release the lock cylinder from the bottom of the handle.
The tricky part is to put it back on. Latch on the hook to the handle again (first) and hold the handle (from the inside) so the hook can be pushed down. Then easily jam the handle back in (don't forget to put the lock back on too).
Issue: Only issue I have currently--is that the key is beeping, as if the door is still open. Also the inside light stays on, again as if the door is still open. I did remove a metal tip from the handle. Perhaps that is the problem. I will have to investigate that. If anyone knows, please let me know: Thank you.

The beeping sound is most likely from the push button on the inner jamb of your door or a pinched wire from replacing the door handle.

Correction/Addition: You don't need to remove the plastic and simply losen the bolts on the metal plater after removing the door panel but makes sure to leave the window cracked about 2 inches so you can lift the metal panel and pull it slighty away from the door. That will leave you about enough space to reach your hand into the corner. I would also recommend losening the latch assembly by taking out the three screws on the side of the door, that way you will have it easier to reattach the two rods after you insterted the new door handle. I would recommend doing this on a day where you are calm as the assembly is a pain. Don't pul to hard/much on the metal panel as your window regular is attached and to much pulling can cause problems with your window.

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Q: How do you replace the door handle and key cylinder on a 1998 Chevy Silverado?
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