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How do you replace the drivers side window on a Chevy Cavalier?


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AnswerI did this a few years ago with my 2-door 1994 Cavvie, and the job isn't that difficult. I was able to do it in a few hours. You can save quite a bit of money by buying a used window from a junkyard.

Remove the window crank, if applicable. There is a tool for this that is available in auto parts stores.

Remove the interior door panel. There are screws along the bottom edge of the panel, up the sides, and in the door handle. There might be one where the mirror knob comes through, I think you have to take that out too. There is a tool that pops these push-in tree plugs that hold the interior skin to the door, in a pinch you can pry them out with two flathead screwdrivers on either side of the plug.

Unplug the power lock switch, if applicable.

Place the window crank back on the cam without the spring installed. This will enable you to remove it again easily. Crank the window into is fully lowered position.

You will find screws that hold the glass to the regulator (the piece that moves the glass up and down). Remove these.

Take a shop vac and clean out all the broken glass, if you have broken glass to remove.

Insert the new window between the window moldings. Be sure to align the edges into the track as you lower it into the door. Line up the bottom of the window into the regulator and slide the rearmost edge into the rear track firmly.

Tighten the bolts that hold the glass in the regulator, but DO NOT OVERTIGHTEN OR THE GLASS WILL SHATTER IN YOUR HAND.

Test the operation of the window with the crank on, and then reassemble the door.


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