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How do you replace the fog lamp bulb on a 99 Alero?


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Underneath the fog lamps you'll see the black plastic covering around the lamps, remove the screws that hold two together(no need to remove all screws), and slide your hand to the back of fog light. It's the kind of light that locks into place when you rotate it. Turn the light and slide the socket out. Once you've done that, remove bulb and put in new one and turn into position that secure it. It's easy if you jack the car up a little, but it's not necessary. Good luck

What a pain, I had to remove the bolt that holds the two pieces together as suggested, plus 2 along the side of the bumper and 1 closer to the middle of the larger piece in order to bend it down and fit my hand in.

To replace the foglight bulb, it's a lot easier to remove the headlight first. You will see two black tabs on the headlight, pull them straight up and wiggle the headlight to the front. Then the foglight will be right underneath. You won't have to get on the ground at all.


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Assuming this is for one of the 2 rear fog lamps, then remove the three bolts from the rear lamp housing. The fog lamp is the bottom bulb in the set. Give the bulb holder a quarter turn anti-clockwise and remove the bulb and holder from the lamp housing. The bulb is held in place by a plastic clip either side. Spread the clip sideways slightly and the bulb will pull out. Put new bulb in and replace.

To remove the fog lamp bulb just pull the plug off the back of the bulb and turn the bulb one quarter turn and it will come out. To remove the high brake lamp bulb you need to carefully pry the plastic cover off then there are two Phillips screws that remove the whol lamp assembly then just pull out the bad bulb and replace

"i believe you have to change the entire fog light assembly." Wrong Answer. Correct Answer: Remove the wheel well splash guard to access the fog lamp assembly. Twist the harness and remove the old bulb. Replace bulb. Twist harness back into fog lamp assembly. Replace the wheel well splash guard. Done.

crawl under car then twist off the back of the fog lamp. undo the wire leading up to the bulb and then unhook the metal clip that holds the bulb in place. Put new bulb in and then put assembly back together.

most of the time, the bulb socket just comes out the back of the fog lamp. look on the inside of the front bumper for them. Should be easy.

To replace the fog lamp bulbs; Step-1. You will have to jack the car up in the front to allow easy access to the fog lamps. Step-2. You will have to lay down to see where the actual opening is for the fog lamp. Step-3. Reach your hand inside the opening where the bulb is located. Step-4. Twist the housing that is holding the bulb to your left (remember righty tightie & lefty loosie) to remove the bulb. Step-5. Replace the bulb by actually doing the reverse and remember (righty tighty and lefty loosie). Step-6. Smile you are finished.

The fog lights can be accessed from underneath the car. Crawl under the bumper and find the fog light housing. Pull the old bulb off and replace the bulbs.

I was told by the Parts Dept. at my local Subaru dealer that two types of fog lamp bulbs were used on the 2005 Subaru Forester. A "H3" bulb or a "9006" bulb. The only way to know for sure which bulb you have is to pull the Fog Lamp assembly.

Behind the fog light and under the bumper, just rotate and the bulb assembly will pull out. Very easy.

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To replace fog light bulb of Monte Carlo you must remove the entire assembly. Replace the bulb that has been hindered and replace the assembly.

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Remove the two torque type mounting screws from the headlamp and gently move the headlamp out of the way, Power cable to headlamp can be removed but not needed. Easy access to fog lamp bulb is then achieved. Disconnect fog lamp power cable and twist bulb to remove.

How do you change the fog light on a 2005 Chevy Equinox?

From behind the light bezel (under the truck) quarter turn and remove the lamp holder. Replace with an "893" type bulb

The fog lamp bulbs should be able to come off from behind the fog lamp. Reach under the front bumper and find the harness to the fog lamp, give it a 1/4 turn and it should pull straight back. Once the harness is removed, the bulb should come with it. Pull the lamp off and replace it with the new one. Make sure not to touch the new bulb with bare finger as the oil on your finger might cause the lamp to burn out faster. Then just do the previous steps in reverse order.

Check owner's manual. If you don't have one copy and paste link below; www.fleet.ford.com/maintenance/owners_manuals

To install fog lamps on a 1968 Mustang you will need the following items: 1968 Fog Lamp Wiring Kit C8ZZ-15223-FUD FOG LAMP BAR BRACKETS C8ZZ-15266/7-A FOG LAMP BULB FDU-15220-A FOG LAMP HOUSING ASSEMBLY C8ZZ-15200-AC FOG LAMP SWITCH C8ZZ-15A214-A source: AAPD.net

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Replacing a fog lamp on 1997 Olds LSS is easy. All you have to do is take the lights out of the car, take the old bulb out than replace it with the new one.

You need to replace the whole thing. Not just the bulb. You need to remove the wheels and the wheel well to get to the bumper cover from behind. it's not easy.

there are 3 10mm bolts that hold a portion of the wheel-well closeout fairing (black in color) just behind the front bumper, under the fog lamp assy. Remove these and use a bungee to hold it out of the way. Where the bulb inserts into the assembly, there are 3 Phillips screws holding the bulb in place. If you remove the bottom 2, the bulb will come out. Disconnect the cable assy and replace the bulb. Then replace everything in the reverse order. Make sure the vehicle is in park, parking brake on, and the wheels chalked. Your local autoparts dealer will have the replacement bulb, style 9006 I believe.

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