How do you replace the fog lamp bulb on a 99 Alero?

Underneath the fog lamps you'll see the black plastic covering around the lamps, remove the screws that hold two together(no need to remove all screws), and slide your hand to the back of fog light. It's the kind of light that locks into place when you rotate it. Turn the light and slide the socket out. Once you've done that, remove bulb and put in new one and turn into position that secure it. It's easy if you jack the car up a little, but it's not necessary. Good luck

What a pain, I had to remove the bolt that holds the two pieces together as suggested, plus 2 along the side of the bumper and 1 closer to the middle of the larger piece in order to bend it down and fit my hand in.

To replace the foglight bulb, it's a lot easier to remove the headlight first. You will see two black tabs on the headlight, pull them straight up and wiggle the headlight to the front. Then the foglight will be right underneath. You won't have to get on the ground at all.