How do you replace the headlight bulb located on a 2000 Dodge Neon?


Important: Before beginning, it is important that you know never to touch the headlamp glass bulb. It will severely shorten the lifetime of the product.
  1. Unscrew and remove air filter top, then detach air inlet tube (short, L-shaped tube).
  2. Use flathead screwdriver to gently lift the plastic tab that prevents the electrical connector to the light bulb from coming off (do not lift too high or you might break it off. You can lift the tab simply by placing the screwdriver underneath it and turning it slightly.). This will require some maneuvering with your hands but it isn't too bad. As you do this, gently wiggle and pull off the electrical connector. It shouldn't take too much force if the tab is lifted up properly.
  3. Reach inside and turn the black, plastic ring counter-clockwise (to the left). This ring holds the lightbulb in firm. It is almost the size of a donut and has protruding plastic tabs for easy turning. This also requires a bit of dexterity in your fingers but also isn't too bad.
  4. Wiggle and pull out the old lightbulb.
  5. Place the new lightbulb in carefully. Make sure that the plastic tab for the electrical connector will be on the top side when reconnected. Important: Remember not to touch the headlamp glass. Handle only by the black plastic casing. It will severely shorten the lifetime of the product if you leave any residue on the bulb.
  6. Screw the black ring back on (clockwise, to the right) to lock headlamp in place.
  7. Reconnect the electrical connection.
  8. Reconnect and seat air inlet tube.
  9. Put air filter top back on and screw it in.
  10. Test headlamp (remember to test the high beams too)

User Comment:

I just did that.

Its not easy, if you don't know exactly how.

For the driver's side, you remove the air filter's cover then detach the air inlet, then you will be able to get at the drivers' side bulb.

But here is the hard part, you have to unscrew that black ring (to the left), not easy because there is not much space. I couldn't do it, so I took the whole light out, it wasnt easy neither, you have to take out few screws from bumber and then bend it. Once you take out the whole light, then its real easy to replace bulb.

Very easy and simple 8mm socket should do the job. Just unscrew two bolts on the top of the headlight and pull them out. One will be a long one maybe 6 in and another maybe 4 in. Then the headlight should come right out. When putting the bolst back in, look and make sure they go throught all the holes in the headlight and radiator support.

Be careful with the bolts, they rust easily and break off. Probably designed for Nevada not Nova Scotia.

If you are careful and nimble fingered, you can replace both bulbs wihtout removing the headlight assembly or the grill from the car. Requires only a screw driver (air filter cover) and should be accomplished within 30 minutes (exceptions for stuck screws on that cover).

Also note, if you are doing this *before* the both the high and low beams have burned out, you can use the remaining beams (low or high) to make marks on a wall/garage door to compare with the replacement bulbs to see if they have seated in the same spot, meaning you won't need to make any further adjustments! Just find a spot where you can park, mark your lights, and then replace the bulbs without moving the car again until the new bulbs are in.

The passenger side's bulb is easily reached without removing bolts or the headlight assembly. Just remove the wire connector and rotate the bulb holder to remove the bulb and replace.

For the driver's side, you remove the air filter's cover (screws), then detach the fresh air inlet (its the tube that allows air into the filter housing from behind and below the drivers's side headlight, not bolted or screwed)... then you will be able to get at the drivers' side bulb.

The driver's side is crampped, but it can be done **without** removing the headlight assembly, and without removing the grill as the chilton's and haynes manuals would have you do.

The benefit, is that if your headlights were aimed properly before, they should be true when you replace the bulbs; and even if not, it should be a minor adjustment. Removing the grill and headlight assembly causes much more variance when putting them back.

Remember to compare your lights marks on the wall, and don't move your car while doing this procecure so you'll have before and after marks to compare.