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how do i replace a trunk lock with another lock that has a key

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Q: How do you replace the lock on the trunk?
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How do you replace the trunk lock on a 1993 caprice classic while it's closed?

It is not possible to replace the trunk lock on a 1993 Caprice Classic while the trunk is closed. A person will have to remove the back seat, crawl into the trunk and open the lock manually before it can be replaced.

How do you replace trunk lock for 1995 Chevy cavalier?

* Remove the trunk lid latch * Detach the lock release box from the latch assembly * To detach the lock cylinder from the trunk lid pry off the retainer

How do you get the lock cylinder off the trunk latch to replace latch?

With a Large Hammer

How do you fix a trunk lock on a 1993 buick skylark that won't lock when it's closed?

If it's the lock itself and not the latch, you might as well replace the lock.

How do you replace 1989 caprice trunk lock?

The trunk lock on a 1989 Chevrolet Caprice is replaced by removing the retaining clip and unscrewing the bolts holding it in place. The lock can then be pulled through the opening and a new lock put in place.

Your trunk will not lock it you shut it it will pop back open?

Try lubricating lock mechanism Try adjusting mechansim Replace locking mechanism

I have a 1993 mustang with a hatch back. I do not however have the key to open the trunk. I know that I may have to replace the lock but how do I go about getting the trunk initially opened to do so?

drill out the centre of the lock and then use a screwdriver like a key. once open you will be able to remove the old lock and replace it with a new one that has a key.

How do you open the trunk when battery is dead on Audi tt convertible and the lock box is locked?

Replace the battery or jump the battery.

How do you removed an old trunk lock on a 1995 buick century and replace it with a new one?

Open the trunk lid. Directly below the lock you will see a flat piece of black metal which is actually part of an L-shaped horseshoe clip that retains the lock. Pry it with a screwdriver and it will slide out, allowing the lock to be easily removed.

Can a trunk lock that has a broken key stuck in it be easily or inexpensively repaired?

Sure. Can you open the lid? If so, there is only a clip that holds the lock in. Remove the lock, and with a small screwdriver, or pin, work what is left of the shank out of the cylinder of the lock, replace the lock, and you are back in business.

How do you lock the trunk?

turn the key

How do you lock the trunk on 1992 Mercedes 190e?

On my 1992 190E I can lock the trunk with any of the keyed locks. If you lock the doors, the trunk locks and if you lock the trunk, the doors lock. In other words all the keyed locks are electrically interconnected. In reality the locks are not electrically interconnected. There is a pump in the right side wheel well of the trunk, it uses vacuum to lock all the locks and pressure to unlock them. Although the pump is powered electrically, the locks are not.

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