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First remove the negative battery cable. Then the lower a/c ducts then the wires and bolts that are holding it in that are under the dash. Then take off the knobs and remove the nuts that are under them and work it out..

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โˆ™ 2015-07-15 19:16:54
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Q: How do you replace the radio in a 97 Olds Achieva?
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How do you replace a serpentine belt on an 97 Olds Achieva?

replacing achieva serpentine on a 96i have a 96 and you have to completely remove the motor mount and all of the bolts holding it on the engine to replace the belt,also carefully jack up the engine since it will fall on the ground if you take off the mount

Where is the fuel filter located on 97 Olds Achieva SL?

It is located under the car close to the gas tank

Where is the radio antenna on an 97 olds achieva SL?

it looks to me on mine that mine is in the middle of the back window u should see a little black think sticking up inside ur car in the back window.

What is the spark plug gap on an 97 olds achieva?

Listed under the hood on a placard and in your owner's manual. .060 is the gap on a 2.4 liter

Remove and install front drive axle on 97 olds achieva?

I am trying to do this myself,any suggestions ========== Do not turn transmission! I myself, 8/29/09

How do you replace a fuel distributor on a 97 olds bravada 4.3?

Remove the upper intake and there it is.

Can you replace a 97 sonoma gm cassette radio with a 98 CD radio or can i use an S10 97 CD model?

Yes they should be interchangeable

How do you unlock the radio on a 97 grand am gt?

replace the radio fuse with the motor running, it'll reset the unit.

How do you change the light bulb in the buttons of a 97 Monte Carlo Z34 radio?

Cant Must replace entire radio

Why does 97 olds achieva shifts hard after warm up and shifts fine cold what is the problem?

Perhaps transmission fluid is "breaking down" at high temp. Try changing fluid and filter

Where is the fuel pump on a 97 Oldsmobile Achieva located?

In the Fuel tank

What other engine will interchange with a 2.4 in a 97 Achieva?

only another 2.4L

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