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Removing the subwoofer trim panel will only expose the cone but you will not be able to remove it this way, that's why you have to remove the entire paneling. Be carefull when removing the button trim holders near the glass, try to stay away from the glass windows!You will have to remove the whole black enclosure to remove the actual cone since it has a screw attached from behind,that's what is making it so hard to pull! If removing due to damaged cone try some 'shoe goo' as told by someone else in this very same site( in not so severe damage cases)otherwise replace/upgrade with an aftermarket sub. Good luck!

I have found it very easy to pop the metal screen cover off, exposing the cone. There is a foam pad around the edge of the speaker that comes right off exposing 4 screws. Take out the screws and replace the speaker.

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2012-05-01 00:27:40
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Q: How do you replace the subwoofer on a Ford Explorer?
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