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Personally I would recommend you calling your local auto parts stores and find a Haynes or Chiltons repair manual for your year make and model. Most all these manuals explain in detail how to replace a water pump.

If you dont want to pay for the repair manuals, go to the library and look them up than after getting the information. Go to the copy machine and get copies.

These are pretty easy to do. Drain coolant and remove the lower hose from the waterpump. Remove the heater hose from the pump. Remove the fan shroud (upper half only. If it will not come apart because it is stapled together cut the staples and pry apart. When installing I usually will drill a couple 1/4" holes and bolt together. Remove the serpentine belt. Depending on what is in the way I usually remove the belt tentioner assembly and idler pully. Remove the fan assembly from the waterpump. Remove the 4 9/16" head bolts and tap the pump to loosen. Clean the gasket surfaces and install the new pump in reverse order.

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Q: How do you replace the water pump on a 1988 Chevy Suburban 350?
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