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Te water pump is located in the timing belt area, behind the timing covers. it's ran off the timing belt it self. The timing belt and balncer belt must be removed.(both belts and tensioners should be replaced at the same time due to access and the fact you have to remove them anyways) get a haynes Book it will give you the proper removal procedures NOTE: ---VERY IMPORTANT---- the timing must be kept in spec 100% or SEVERE damage to your engine will happen!! Every thing MUST be at TDC(top dead center) Crank/cam gears/balncer shafts. get the haynes for more info and have fun and do it right! =)

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Q: How do you replace the water pump on a 1995 Honda Prelude?
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Honda Prelude 1995 VTECH?

Yes Honda made a Prelude in 1995 with a DOHC VTEC engine. VTECH makes cordless phones and toys.

Will the head lights on a 1995 Honda Fit a 1995 Honda Prelude?

If you're talking about the headlight itself, and not the bulb, no it will not swap between a Fit and Prelude.

How fast can a 1995 Honda Prelude go?

132 mph

What causes a oil light to blink in a 1995 Honda Prelude?

A low oil level can cause the oil light to blink on a 1995 Honda Prelude. A faulty sensor can also cause this.

What is the best and cheapest motor for a 1995 Honda Prelude?

H22A Honda engine it ready for a turbo

How do you replace a 1995 Honda Accord water pump?

it has a 2.2 vtech engine

What is the power output on a 1995 Honda Prelude 2.2 liter?

650 bhp

Oil in the radiator on a Honda Prelude 1993 model?

That means your car overheated and you blew a head gasket. It happened to my 1995 prelude.

What is the fuel tank capacity of a 1995 prelude?

The fuel tank capacity is 15.9 gallons for the 4th gen (1992-96) Honda Prelude.

Where is the transmission fluid dipstick located on a 1995 Honda Prelude Si?

If it is a Manual transmission you do not have a dipsticks.

Will a 1993 Honda Prelude Hood fit a 1995 Honda Prelude?

Yes, the fourth generation prelude should have identical hoods regardless of the year. Call your local dealer or consult a OEM parts vendor to make sure the parts numbers match.

How do you remove the shift knob on a 1995 Honda Prelude?

Try twisting it and then get a manual for it. Try Chiltons or Haynes.

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