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How do you replace turn signal bulb on 2003 cadillac cts?



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I just replaced front turn signal bulb. Since all of them (signal and fog lamps) are integrated with the bumper, you have to do that from beneath. First ,turn your wheels to the max left (if you replacing left side bulb).Inside the arch you'll see that it is covered by plastic shield.You will have to remove plastic clips on the sides of that shield.There are six of them and they are clearly visible.Be careful not to brake clips.Use flat screwdriver to pull hat first,then the whole clip can be removed with fingers.Once all six clips pulled out,plastic shield will almost fall by itself - no efforts needed to detach it. That's it - you've got the access to your signal and fog lamps.

Removing the tire and blocking the front end first with jack stands makes the access much better.