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First - The AMA does not have anything to do with reporting a doctor regarding

conduct etc. The AMA is an organization, which allows doctors (if they choose so) to

become members of their (AMA) organization. The AMA then delivers medical data regarding the medical industry.

If you want to report a doctor regarding misconduct, the best thing to do is contact

your state medical board ( by

writing a detailed, nice, professional "Registered or Certified Letter" regarding your


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Q: How do you report a doctor to the American Medical association?
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Who do you report a doctor who is over prescribing medications to?

Within the US, the American Medical Association.

Where do you go to report a doctor?

Your State Medical Board.

Who do you report a doctor to for over charging?

State Medical Board

What do patients want following a medical error?

A report published in the Journal of the American Medical Association in February 2003 stated that patients clearly want emotional support from their doctors following an error, including an apology.

You are working on a report on vets and you need to know what they like what is the education and more?

I suggest checking out the American Veterinary Medical Association's website - www dot avma dot org. There is a lot of good information you could use for this report.

What does it mean if a DOCTOR winks at you?

Well it would have me concerned and I would make sure that I would not ask for that doctor again and possibly report that doctor. From the sounds of your question you did not enjoy it and were uncomfortable. Doctor's are there to help us in our time of need and believe me when I am ill I don't want to be flirted with. Let alone be undressed in front of some doctor that is a flirt! Furthermore it is improper conduct in the place where they work. It is one thing to meet people after hours and such. But physicians are not supposed to flirt and/or ask for personal information of their patients, period. It is against the American Medical Association guidelines. What I would do is look up the American Medical Association and contact them to complain of this doctor. As you don't know what this physician is possibly doing to other patients as well. Make sure what you saw is for real, as the American Medical Association can and will suspend him from practicing so you are taking the livelihood of this individual away and can take his licensing away from him as well. And they may want you to testify what happened and how it happened as well in any court. It is a form of sexual harassment and should not have been done in such a place.

How do you cite medical reports?

When citing a medical report, include the source of the report, such as the doctor's or organization's name. Include the subject of the report -- you can state briefly what it is about if it doesn't have a title -- and the date. You might also want to include the location where it is from.

How do you report a doctor for over medicating a patient?

You should contact the state Medical Board and they will help you from there.

What are the duties of a child abuse medical doctor?

That's not a specialty. Any doctor has to report what might be abuse. They are obligated like teachers.

If you knew someone who gave a false police report and a Doctor was involved who altered medical records what should one do?

Report to authority immediately!

How do you make announcement to ask for doctor on board for a medical emergency?

Ladies and gentlemen, there is a medical emergency on board I request a doctor,if any, for a immediate report to the IFS ie.,Inflight supervisor.

Is a doctor obligated to report illegal drugs found in routine blood or urine test?

In most states, a doctor is NOT obligated to report illegal drug use as disclosed by the patient or drugs found through lab tests. The American Medical Association opposes mandatory drug reporting laws on the premise that it hurts the patient-physician relationship and breaches confidentiality.Also, routine blood and urine tests usually do not include drug screens, which must be specifically ordered.

What do you do when someone you have known in a professional manner starts saying little things like 'I love you' and 'If I wasn't married I would call you'?

You contact the professional organization that regulates people in that line of work and file a report. For example if it's a doctor, the American Medical Association. Tell him flat out to leave you alone because he's married and you don't date married men and if he doesn't stop THEN you'll report him!

What does it mean when your doctor says your medical report is unremarkable?

That means there's nothing that demands his attention-- you checked out healthy.

What is the correct format of writing a report?

Look up the American Psychological Association. They have a set of standards for writing and referencing material.

When was A Doctor's Report on Dianetics created?

A Doctor's Report on Dianetics was created in 1951.

How many American die each year from medical errors?

The statistics contained in the IOM report were startling. The authors of the report stated that between 45,000 and 98,000 Americans die each year as the result of medical errors.

Should the title of a book in a report be italized and underlined?

No. It is either italicized according to the APA rules (American Psychological Association) or underlined according to MLA rules (Modern Language Association), but never both.

How do you file a complaint against an opthamologist?

You can report an ophthalmologist to the American Medical Association, to the American Academy of Ophthalmology, his boss or business partners or board of directors, any hospital he is affiliated with, and your state's licensing bureau. To file the complaint, you can find out if there is a form to fill out or you can write a letter. Be sure to be polite and list accurate details.

Can an HOA report a judgment on an individual persons' credit report?

Yes, if the association won the judgement.

How do you report a bad psychiatrist?

Complaints about psychiatrists should be made to BOTH the State Medical Board and the professional licensing board of the state where the doctor practices.

When was Native American Report created?

Native American Report was created in 2006.

When was American Youth Report created?

American Youth Report was created in 1982.

Can a doctor report you for drug abuse?


How do you know if you are formatting medical transcription?

You would know when you are formatting a medical transcription report when you are actually re arranging the report (editing an actual report) or actually making the report - you have to follow certain formats depending on the requirement of the medical facilities you are in agreement (where you are hired or working for) with.