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can you tell me how to reset a Heys padlock, my lock already open and not can not lock cause i forgot the combination

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โˆ™ 2011-09-27 23:05:31
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Q: How do you reset TSA007 lock on heys luggage?
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How do you reset the tsa007 approved samsonite lock?

A TSA007 Approved Samsonite Lock can be reset at any respectable locksmith, as they will possess the correct tools necessary to reset the lock without breaking it or damaging it.

How do you reset a travelite luggage lock?

In order to reset a Travel Lite luggage lock, you will need to locate the small hole on the top of the lock. This is the reset button. Simply use a pen or a pin and push into that hole. This will reset the lock.

How do you reset the 4-digit combination on luggage combination lock?

i want to reset combination lock with new number while the padlock is locked

How do you reset a 3 combo Olympia luggage lock?

please advise how to unlock 3 number lock

How do you reset an eminent luggage lock?

To reset an Eminent luggage lock, turn the wheels to your new combination while holding the grooves of the wheels in place with a pointed tip. Release the button and the new code will be set.

How do you reset the lock on Delsey luggage?

How do I reset a Delsey TSA lock? I have already tried the "push the button at the bottom of the lock. (Didn't work.) My Delsey lock is attached to the suitcase. The zipper handles insert into the lock.

How do you reset lost combination lock on Pierre cardin luggage?

If you own Pierre Cardin luggage and need to reset it, press the button and keep it pressed. While it is still pressed, roll the combination and it will reset.

How do you reset the lock combination for a samsonite luggage lock?

Each lock is going to use one of many different methods. More information is needed in order to answer this.

How do you reset TSA 002 combination for Heys suitcase?

Heys combination lock embedded in side of suitcase, with a slide bar mechanism: Set lock to correct combination and slide open. You will see a small indentation on the side of the lock (opposite side from combination numbers). Insert the tip of a ballpoint pen in the indentation. While pressing down with the ink pen, change the combination to the new numbers.

How do you reset a tumi luggage lock?

Push the silver button on the bottom in (using a pen or something small) and set the new combination.

How do you reset Swiss polo luggage lock?

There is a tiny button on the underside near where the zips fit into the lock. Using a biro or pencil, press it in whilst selecting your new pin.

How do I Reset tumi luggage lock? I just found the manual on the Tumi site. I had to reset mine and just followed the instructions.

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