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depends what you mean by "reset" and what model as the gtv/spider have a meta system....if its a 156/166 then you press and hold the lock button on your key for 80 secs......wait for the light to stop flashing and that's it, it's off...repeat procedure to re activate it

AnswerOpen and read your owner's manual. AnswerI am looking for the answer to the same question.Before the same answer is posted let me expand further.

Tha users manual tells you to use the key control located below the dash, however it states in a sub note that the UK model does not have the key control feature but does not go on to explain an alternative method.

I have tried disconnecting the battery but this was no help.

Some other cars such as VW have an override via the ignition key in the drivers door lock and a sequence of left and right turns.

Any ideas appreciated.


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โˆ™ 2011-09-12 21:11:21
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Q: How do you reset the alarm system on an Alfa Romeo?
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