How do you reset the engine light on a 1997 Dodge Dakota?

If you are referring to the Service Engine Soon/Check Engine Soon light it can only be safely shut off with a code scanner. All cars manufactured after 1996 have OBD-II computer systems and they all work pretty much the same. You can purchase a scanner for under $100.00 at auto parts stores or even get the scan done free at major auto parts stores like Advance Auto or PepBoys. Do not try disconnecting the battery to clear the code because it will erase the trouble code and it will likely come on again if the problem isn't fixed. Disconnecting the battery will also erase system settings made by the computer for the engine to run properly and will take quite a while to reset. In the meantime your car will not be running at optimum perfomance and may even run rough. If you ignore the light you may do serious damage to your engine or emissions system that is expensive to fix. Don't put it off or you may regret it. Good luck.