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1. In the speedometer there are one Push Button to select between ODO and trip meter a/b

2. With the ignition key in ON Position but no start the engine push this PB to select the ODO.

3. Switch OFF the IGN key, push and hold the PB, turn the IGN key to ON (not start while hold the PB for more than 5 sec)

4. release the PB and push again for more than 5 sec, release it (In this position the ODO change to "15")

5. Switch off the IGN key and the Job is Finished.

6. Start the engine and check the Timing Belt warning.

Warning, even the timing belt warning are gone, the timing belt itself is worn out, so lease chang the timing belt before reset it


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The timing belt warning light, on a Toyota Innova, can be reset by removing the timing belt warning light fuse. Leaves the fuse out for 10 seconds and put it back in.

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You can reset the timing belt warning light, on your Toyota Dyna 4093 5L motor, by removing the fuse. Keep the fuse out for about 10 seconds and then put it back in.

the warning lights comes on indicating that the timing belt needs to be changed. even once the timing belt is changed, the warning light will stay on until is it reset.

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You do not reset a timing belt you replace it.

un install one of your battery cables for about 5 min. or you can try hoding the trip button and start the car

According to the repair manual: Remove the grommet from the speedometer and turn off the lamp by pushing the warning light reset switch, then replace the grommet.

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Also some Vans have a small rubber Grommet on the clear plastic speedo (front). You pick it out and poke a small wire into the hole to reset.

On the super monitor on dash hold right button to reset

The easiest way to reset the timing belt light, on your 1999 Toyota, is to remove the dashboard light. Keep the fuse out for 10 seconds and replace it to that slot.

To reset the fuel filter warning light off for the Toyota hilux one must replace the filter that switch the car on and off. They must also click the rest button.

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Fix the problem. It retests everytime you turn the key on.

You would need to reset the on-board computer if it does not automatically reset when the malfunction itself is corrected.

To rest a Toyota surf 1kz-te engine timing belt light, first determine which generation surf it is. If it is 2nd generation the reset is very simple. Using a slender item such as a pencil you can easily push the reset button on the clock.

Have you tried looking in your Owners Manual, it's in there.

Timing belts are replaced, not reset.

see for a post on this very question

If you undo the negative (Black) lead from the battery terminal and leave the car for 15 mins then put it back. This should reset the memory clearing the warning light. Regards James

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