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How do you round 55.75 to the bold place?


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To the nearest ten, 60

To the nearest one, 56

To the nearest tenth, 55.8

To the nearest hundredth, 55.75


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5575 = (V)DLXXV normally in block capital letters

Rounding to the nearest cent is the same as round to the hundredths place.Which is in bold (0.00)

Since there is no bold digit, there is no place value!Since there is no bold digit, there is no place value!Since there is no bold digit, there is no place value!Since there is no bold digit, there is no place value!

0.83942623 rounded to the nearest hundred thousandth is 0.83943.The bold two is the hundred thousandth place.

Are you asking how to round to thousands place when there's a zero in that place

The hundreds place of 2,599,928 is in bold (9).

0.098125the bold 9 is the hundredths place.

65/75 = 0.853333The third number after the decimal point is always the thousandths place (in this number it is the first 3 in bold). Look at the number after the three to decide if you should round up or down. If the number is 5 or more, round up. If the number is 4 or less round down. Since the number after the thousandths place is a 3 you should round down.The answer is 0.853

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The tens place is in bold: 56.34 (5).

VDLXXV ( the v should have a line over it

That depends which place you want to round it to.

It does if you round to the tenths place.

11.66 The second place after the decimal place is the hundredths place, and 1 does not round up.

The answer depends on the degree to which the number needs to be rounded.

No, i would round it to the hundredths place = 0.56

You would round it up at the third decimal place to 3.116.

To round a number, the decimal place that you want to round to, needs to be specified. If you want to round to the tenths place or to 1 decimal place, then this number is already there: 7.7 is seven and seven tenths. If you want to round it to zero decimal places, or to the nearest whole number, then look at the tenths place and if it is 0-4 you round down to 7, if it is 5-9 (which it is) you round up to 8.

When you round off the number 0.472 to the hundredths place you get 0.47. If you round it off to the tenths place, it would be 0.5.

7,006. If the place you are converting is < 5, then round down (7,005.49, for example, would round down to 7,005). If the place is ≥ 5, round up.

They are -74.67i and 74.67i where i is the imaginary square root of -1.

The correct answer is in bold: 318.8

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