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Hello= Hola

Good Morning=Buenos dias

Have a great day=i don't know. Go look somewhere else:). Everything else is right, though

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Buenos dais tienen un día bien = good morning have a nice day (Spanish/España)

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Q: How do you sat hello good morninh have a great day in spanish?
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How do you say hello and good-bye in spanish?

Hello=Hola Good-bye=Adiós

What is the spanish word for hello?

hello = holapronounced (OH-lah).The polite greeting "good day" is buenos dias. Another greeting is saludo.Hola. They speak Spanish.

Can bueno also mean hello?

No, "bueno" in Spanish means "good" or "well." The word for "hello" in Spanish is typically "hola."

How do you welcome people?

you great them hi,hello,good day,how are you ect.....

How can i say hello sister i am good and how are you in Spanish?

Hola, hermana, estoy bien. ?Cómo estás?

Is the Hello Kitty Diamond Pendant Necklace a good gift for a teen?

The Hello Kitty Diamond Pendant Necklace is a great gift for Hello Kitty fans of all ages.

How do you say hellos in Spanish?

Hola (pronounced Ola) = Hello in Spanish. Buenos dias = Good morning Buenas tardes = good afternoon/evening Buenas noches = Good night/evening I hope this was useful :)

What are some words that has in it in spanish?

Some spanish words are hola for hello and bye for adois and good mornig for buenas nachos a bunch of people should know these words.

Bueno in Spanish?

Depends on context.Good (This was good)Well (I am well.) (Well?)Hello (ONLY when answering a phone in Mexico and some other parts of the Spanish speaking world)

How do you say hello good evening papasito in spanish?

¡Hola, papacito; buenas tardes!¡Hola, buenas tardes! ¡Papacito!

How do you say hello at 3pm in spanish?

3 pm is in the afternoon, so you would say "Buenas Tardes!" or, good afternoon!

What Spanish words is there?

These are the most i know neighbour in Spanish is:Hola Buenas noches hello is : Ola Goodbye is: Adiós good evening is : Buenas tardes good night is: Buenas Noches Those are the ones i know