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Q: How do you save the game Shrek 2 on Game Boy Advance?
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Can US Game Boy Advance games save on UK Game Boy Advance?


How do you save a game on ds when its a Game Boy advance game?

The Same Way You Would Save It On GBA But Some Games are Not Savable.

How come your Game Boy advance will not save Game Boy color game data?

go to a zone

How do you save a game on Game Boy advance sp?

You don't Press START and go down to SAVE.Press A and it will save

How do you create a game save for Game Boy Advance using an Action Replay?

You aren't able to save game files to a action replay, gameshark,etc.

How do you save the game on sonic advance?

The game automatically saves the furthest act you ever got to. You can save the Tiny Chao Garden.

Which Pokemon game on Game Boy Advance can save?

All Gameboy Games can save if the battery is working. If the game stops saving, you may need to change the battery.

Does a faulty Game Boy Advance delete game data?

No it shouldn't. The gameboy advance does not keep the save data it just reads it from the game cartridge so if anything the cartridge is faulty.

Can you save Game Boy color games on Game Boy advance?

Yes, just like you normally would. :)

How do you save your game on visual boy advance?

You can either use your in game save, or the save state feature. You can access the save state feature by going to File -> Save Game. You can click on any one of the 10 save states. When you want to load it, click Load Game and choose the save state you want. Save states can be used at anytime.

How do you save game on donkey kong country?

In the SNES version, go to ['s_Save_Point Candy's Save Point] and jump in the Save Barrel to save the game. In the Game Boy Color version, the game automatically saves. In the Game Boy Advance version, open up the Menu via start while in the Overworld area in the Adventure mode and click on the Save tab to save the game.

Can you get Pokemon from a Game Boy Advance game to show up in the wild on your Pokemon ds game without a saved file on the Game Boy Advance game?

No because of 2 reasons 1 because once you migrate-that's how you get Pokemon from gba to ds YOU HAVE TO SAVE FOR THE PROCESS TO WORK 2 beacuase you have to save after words HOPE I HELPED

How do you save on urbz sims in the city for gameboy advance?

Simply press start and select 'Save Game'.

How do you save in monster rancher advance?

it saves automatically each game week

How do you restart Mario Kart Super Circuit for Game Boy Advance SP?

During the Game Boy Advance boot screen, hold L, R, B, and Start. The game will ask you if you want to delete your save data; say "Yes" to delete the save data.

Does Game Boy Advance games save on the cartridge or the system?

Games for the Game Boy Advance keep their save data on the cartridge. Although the system does have internal flash memory, this is only used for single-cartridge multiplayer only.

Zelda The Minish cap?

is a game for the game boy advance about a character named link who has to save the land from and evil sorcerer named vaati

Can you save the game in the original Metroid?

No, you cannot save onto a disc, unless you have a computer emulator and a program to do so. The cartridges did not have the ability to save, and in keeping true to the game, Nintendo's later releases of the game could not save. The remake of the game, Metroid Zero Mission had a save ability, but was only made for the Gameboy Advance. While you could not save the game, when you died it would give you a code that would allow you to start at a "save point" near where you had previously made it.

Why does my Game Boy Advance game Super Mario Advance 4 keep saying save file corrupted when started?

i don't know because it is your game but when my video game did that too i found out that it means somebody stole your data an replaced it with their own while it was on while you where distracted. probably.

How do you save progress in Kirby and the Magic Magic Mirror for Game Boy Advance?

It auto saves

Your Pokemon emerald Game Boy Advance game is a fake but is there any chance it could still save after I beat the champion Wallace?

yes you probably can

Why in Pokemon diamond when you save the game it saves but when you try to load your saved file it goes fatal?

ok you have to save the game and reload the game-save reset and then load the saved game-after that close the game and put it on ok you have to save the game and reload the game-save reset and then load the saved game-after that close the game and put it on

On a visual boy advance is it possible to save the game on Pokemon after completing the Pokemon league?

Yea just save it like u normally do

How do you save a game in halo anniversary?

Pause the game and select save and quit. It will save the game from the last checkpoint. Note: There is no auto save.

How To Save A Game In San Andreas?

you save your game in the house