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You would say "Recé para la felicidad". The main verb is "rezar", meaning "to pray". "Recé" is the preterit (simple past) form of the verb. You would use "para" in this case, rather than "por". "Por" would imply some kind of transfer, "I pray in return for happiness", which doesn't quite fit. In Spanish, nouns expressing a concept are usually preceded by the definite article "el" or "la". This is not the case in English, so this literally is "I prayed for the happiness". This has to be taken into account in translations, or else you will end up with many extra "the's".

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En busca de la felicidad

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mi felicidad

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Q: How do you say 'I prayed for happiness' in Spanish?
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How do you say bring you happiness in spanish?

you say: "traerte felicidad"

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Buen juicio y felicidad

How do you say happy in Spanish as a noun?

you can't in fact it'll still be an adjective 'happiness' = 'felicidad'

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Te deseo muchos años de felicidad.

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Pleasure in Spanish would be "placer," however you can also say "agrado", which means pleasantness or "alegría," which means happiness or satisfaction :)

Spanish translation of I prayed for you?

Yo oré por ti.

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