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Echoes of the Word = הדים של המילה (hedim shel hamilah)Echoes of the Word of God = הדים של מילת אלוקים (hedim shel milat Elohim)

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milat hashem (מילת ה׳)

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echo = hed (הד)

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Q: How do you say 'Word of God' in Hebrew?
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What is the Hebrew word for God be glorified?

Hebrew doesn't have a subjunctive mood, but instead you could say "God is glorified," which is Hashem nehedar (ה׳ נהדר)

What is ruah Yahweh?

This is an attempt to say "God's spirit" in Hebrew, but the word Yahweh is not real Hebrew. It is an invented word that supposedly reconstructs the name of God.If you really want to say God's spirit in Hebrew, it is:Ruach Elohimרוח אלהים

What word in Hebrew means gift from god and from that word find an anagram from the periodic table of elements?

There is no single Hebrew word that means "gift from god" To say this in hebrew would be matanat ha'el (מתנת האל)

What is the hebrew word for God Answer's?

There is no single word for "God answers", but you could say Hashem oneh (ה׳ עונה)

What is the Hebrew word for Our God?

Our God = Eloheinu (אלהינו)

Why is Adonai written different in Biblical Hebrew?

Adonai is not written differently in biblical Hebrew. It's just the Biblical Hebrew word for God's name is not pronounced, so Jews say "Adonai" when they come across that word.

How do you spell the word of in Hebrew im trying to say love for god and jesus Hebrew?

Rabbinic Hebrew and Modern Hebrew use the word "shel" (של) for "of". In the Bible, There is no word for "of." A grammatical state called the "construct state" is used to form possession.For example:Love for God and Jesus (in Modern Hebrew) = ahava shel elohim veyeshu ( אהבה של אלוהים וישו)Love for God and Jesus (in Modern or Biblical Hebrew) = ahavat elohim veyeshu (אהבת אלוהים וישו)

What is the Hebrew word for God's will?

No, "destiny" is an English word that comes from Old French.

What is the Hebrew word for Trina god?

There is no Hebrew word for "Trina god". (I can't even tell what that phrase is supposed to mean in English.)

El is the babylonian word for god or should you say their god?

I am pretty sure that El is the Hebrew name for God (El-lohim, El-Shadi, El-yon)

What does yaweh mean in Hebrew?

The yh mean in text is Yeah! It is a quick reply in the affirmative (i.e., to say yes) and this is an informal way. Read full article on newstostory

What are the anchient symbols for family in Hebrew?

Hebrew is a language with an alphabet. There's no "symbol" for family. If you would like to know how to write/say the word family in Hebrew, it is: mishpacha - משפחה