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etslee (אצלי)

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Q: How do you say 'at my place' in Hebrew?
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How do you say at your place in Hebrew?

At your place - במקום שלך

How do you say 'this place' in Hebrew?

This place = ha makóm ha zeh (המקום הזה)

What is the Hebrew at your place?

If you are asking how to say "at your place" in Hebrew, it's: talking to a male: etslekha (אצלך) talking to a female: etslakh (אצלך)

House of the Lord in Hebrew?

The House of The Lord is a HOLY place where The Almighty dwells. If you are asking how to say this in Hebrew, it is: בית השם = beit hashem

How do you say hand in Hebrew?

You say 'Yalda' in Hebrew

How do say place of worship in Hebrew?

beit tfillah (בית תפילה)

How do you say barren in Hebrew?

A barren person = עקר (akar) A barren place = שׁוֹמֵם (shomem)

How do you say has in Hebrew?

Has in Hebrew is: YESH

How do you say ceiling in Hebrew?

"Tikra" (תקרה) is how you say ceiling in Hebrew.

Is there a free site where I can translate a first and last name in English to Hebrew?

Names generally cannot be translated into Hebrew unless they are are names of Hebrew origin. But if you meant to say "transliterated" then the only place you can do that is here on wikianswers.

What does Inawah say in Hebrew?

Inawah has no meaning in Hebrew

How do you say mustache in Hebrew?

Mustache is 'Safam' in Hebrew