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¿Puedes quedarte un ratito?

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Q: How do you say 'can you stay for a little while' in Spanish?
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How do you say rabbit in spanish?

Rabbit in Spanish is "el conejo."

How do you say little piggy in spanish?

The Spanish word for 'little piggy' is 'cochinito'.

How do you say stay at in Spanish?

quedarse en

How do you say have to go wait a little while in Spanish?

Tengo que ir a esperar un momento mas

How do you say stay strong in spanish?

You can say "fuerte".

How do you say little Spanish?


How do you say stay away in Spanish?

mantenerse alejado

How do you say the command stay informed in spanish?


How do you say where do you stay at in spanish?

Donde usted permanece?

How do you say 'little sister' in Spanish?

'Your little sister' in spanish is written and pronounced 'Tu hermana pequena'.

How you say little in spanish?

Poquito or poco.

How do you say Little bell in spanish?