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el hombre con el sombrero nos envió

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Q: How do you say 'the man with the hat sent us' in Spanish?
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How say hat in spanish?


How do you say ski hat in Spanish?


How do you say red hat in spanish?

sombrero rojo

How do you say in that hat in spanish?

"En eso sombrero."

How do you say put on your hat in spanish?

pongase su sombrero

How do you say he sent me money in Spanish?

he sent me money = me envió dinero

How do you say she forgot the hat in spanish?

Ella se olvidó del sombrero. She (self) forgot of the hat

How do you say w hat is your name in Spanish?

¿Cómo te llamas?

How you say hat in spanish?

A cap is gorra or gorro or like sombrero

How do you say a black and white hat in Spanish?

un sombrero negro y blanco = "a black and white hat"

How do you say shoulders spanish?

to say shoulder in spanish for a man it is hombro

How do you say this man in spanish?

This man: Este hombre.