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How do you say 'thank-you' in Portuguese the language of Brazil?


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If you are a woman, you must say "obrigada"

If you are a man, you must say "obrigado" .

However, it's common for many woman to say obrigado,but this applies only in informal talking.

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In Brazil, we say: "Por favor". The language of Brazil is portuguese.

97.9% of the people that live in Brazil speak Portuguese.

Brazil's language is Portuguese.The word ugly in Portuguese is "feio".

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As Portuguese is the official language in Brazil- "Bom Dia" would be used.

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Obrigado (if you are a male) obrigada (if you are female)

The language spoken in Brazil is Portuguese - not Brazilian. The word "friend" in Portuguese is "amigo" (male) or "amiga" (female).

to say language in portuguese, you would say 'lingua'

The official language of Brazil is Portuguese. 'No, thank you' in Portuguese is Não, Obrigado. Obrigado is used to express gratitude, basically it means thank you. 'Não' means 'No.'

There is not a language called Brazilian. Papai Noel is the Portuguese for Santa Claus. Here in Brazil we speak Portuguese.

( no offence) First of all the launguage in Brazil is portuguese. Dear in PORTUGUESE is Querido ( for a male ) and querida ( for a female )

Brazil's most spoken language is portugese. In Brazilian portuguese you say tchau which is pronounced like "chow".

You say BRASIL (Z) ---> phonetically

You can either say 'Nerd' or CDF (in Brazil)

Well, the way you said in the question is a way to say it, but in english. But if meant how to say it in Brazilian language (which is portuguese, by the way).. it's: Bem vindo ao Brasil

Assuming you are speaking with someone in Portuguese: Please: "por favor" Thank you: "obrigado" Thank you very much: "muito obrigado" Don't mention it: "Não há de que"

you say " Have a nice year" Or do you mean how do you say it in portuguese?

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