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mil setentacientos trece

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Q: How do you say 1713 in Spanish?
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When was the Peace of Utrecht?

Spring 1713 - ending the War(s) of the Spanish Succession

How do you write the year 1713 in spanish?

Mil setecientos trece. Thousand / 7 hundred / Thirteen.

What is 1713?

1713 = 1,713

What year did Spain fight the Netherlands?

the Spanish occupied the Netherlands for 80 years from 1549 until 1713

What was the treaty of Utrecht?

It was a group of treaties signed in 1713 in Utrecht and it led to the end of the War of Spanish Succession.

How do you solve 2x - 1713 Then X?


What treaty ended the war of the Spanish succession?

The Treaty of Utrecht in 1713, followed by that of Rastatt in 1714.

When was the Treaty of Utrecht made?

It was signed in 1713 by England, France, Spain, and the Netherlands, and ended the Spanish War of Succession.

The Treaty of Utrecht in 1713?

The Treaty of Utrecht (1713) was a series of individual peace treaties that helped put an end to the War of Spanish Succession (known in America as "Queen Anne's War") that was being fought in order to determine who would succeed Charles II of Spain after his death.

The ten southern provinces of the Netherlands became what?

the Spanish Netherlands c.1579-1713 *the Austrian Netherlands 1713-95 *part of France 1759-1815part of the Kingdom of the Netherlands 1815-1831Begium and Luxembourg since 1831* roughly, today's Belgium and Luxembourg

Are the Netherlands Spanish?

No. The Netherlands are Dutch. The phrase "Spanish Netherlands" refers to the historical provinces of France, Luxembourg, and Belgium that were ruled by the Spanish from 1581 to 1713, and then by Austria. This included all of modern Belgium, notably the cities of Brussels and Flanders.

In 1713 were there any movements in buffalo?

In 1713, Buffalo, New York did not exist.