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Sit'a alf

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Q: How do you say 6 thousand in Arabic?
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How you say thousand in Arabic?

hazaar Correction: Thousand is ALF in Arabic.

How do you say one thousand in Arabic?

Alf ألف

How do you say universe in Arabic?

If you want to say Arabic in Arabic this is how you say it=Arabi

How do you say one thousand thanks to you in Arabic?

one thousand thanks to you ="alf shokr lak" (to a male) pronunciation: /əlf ʃɒkr lək/Arabic writing: ألف شكر لك"alf shokr laky" (to a female) pronunciation: /əlf ʃɒkr ləkI/Arabic writing: ألف شكر لكِ* one thousand thanks = "alf shokr" (it can be said to male or female; singular or plural)

How do you say peace be with you Arabic?

How do you say peace be with you in Arabic?

How do you say gentle in Arabic?

"Gentle" in Arabic is لطيف (laṭīf).

How do you say 'happy holidays' in Arabic?

im not sure how you say it but that's how you write it..........................الأعياد Typically people say: 3o6la sa3ida (عطلة سعيدة) Note: 3 represents the Arabic letter "Ayin" and 6 represents the Arabic "Ta" which is stronger that the English "t".

How do you say 'disbeliever' in Arabic?

To say 'disbeliever' in Arabic, you would say 'kaffir.'

In Arabic what we say Ramadan or Ramadhan?

In Arabic we say Ramadan.

How do you say liver in Arabic?


How do you say with in Arabic?

With is مع in Arabic.

How do you say where is Tariq in Arabic?

In formal Arabic, say "Ayna Tareq?" In slang Arabic, say" wean Tareq?" or "Fean Tariq?"