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Q: How do you say Aeropostale in Spanish?
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Why do aeropostale clothes say a87?

A stands for aeropostale and it was founded in 1987. Aeropostale is french for "air mail"

Why is aeropostale so expensive when all of their clothes say their logo?

Some Aeropostale clothing items DON'T just have a logo. Aeropostale is of a medium quality and their clothing is mildly inexpensive. For example, during "Back to School Shopping," their jeans are around $15.

Is aeropostale cheaper than abercrombie?


When was aeropostale established?

Aeropostale was established in 1987, I believe.

What was the date when aeropostale came out?

Aeropostale was established in 1987.

Who is the head of Aeropostale?

the chairman of aeropostale is Julian Geiger

Where can you buy aeropostale jeans?

aeropostale.. obviously.. LOL

Is aeropostale still popular?

I would say yes, everyone in my city wears it, especillay at my school

Which is better aeropostale or hollister?

Well, its an opinion. Personally, i like aeropostale better because the clothes are cuter and its a lot cheaper. Others would say hollister. It really depends. But i think aero is better.

How is an aeropostale t-shirt produced?

Aeropostale shirts, shorts, pants, hoodies, bags and wallets are produced at an Aeropostale Clothing Factory and there are many of those around the country!Also, the Aeropostale products are not for sale any where but an Aeropostale Clothing Store!

When was aeropostale founded and by who?

Aeropostale was founded in 1987, but I'm not sure by who.

Is Aeropostale a good store for women?

Sure! Aeropostale is for everyone!