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You would say it "Allie." Names are idiomatic, that is they do not typically translate.

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Stephany Herman

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Q: How do you say Alli in spanish?
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How do you say are you there in Spanish?

¿Estás alli?

How do yo say are you there in spanish?

Esta usted/estas alli? (accents on 'a' in estas/esta; 'i' in 'alli')

How do you say Is George there in Spanish?

esta jorge alli?

How do you say are there questions in Spanish?

Son alli preguntas?

How do you say 'there' in Spanish?

"ahí" or "allí", and here in spanish would be: "aquí"

How do i say are you there' in Spanish?

estas ayi? (spelt 'estas alli?')

How do you say in spanish i will always be there for you?

Siempre voy a estar alli para usted

How do you say you've always been there for me in spanish?

Siempre has estado alli para mi

How do you say 'you are not there' in Spanish?

"No estás alli." Prounociation: two no s- toss ah yee

How do say is Ana there in Spanish?

ana es alli? Pronounced (ana-es-i-e)

How do you say the 'watch was not there' in spanish?

el reloj (de bolsilla) = (pocket) watch la vela = watchman el reloj no estaba alli la vela no estaba alli

How do you transalate this in Spanish - how is the weather back there?

To translate "How is the weather back there" from English to Spanish, you would say, "Como es el clima alli."