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Los ninas estan en el puerta proxima

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Q: How do you say Are the girls next door in Spanish?
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How do you say girls in Spanish?


How do you refer the family who lives next door?

You can say "neighbors" or "next-door neighbors".

How do you say the desk is next to the door in spanish?

el pupitre/escritorio esta al lado de la puerta (accent on 'a' in esta')

How do you say no girls in spanish?

No las niñas.

How do yo say door in Spanish?

La puerta.

How do you say Mexican girls in spanish?

muchachas Mexicanas

How do you command someone to open the door in Spanish?

To command someone to open the door in Spanish, you would say 'Abre la puerta.'

How do you say he opened the door in spanish?

abrió el puerto.

How do you say folding door in Spanish?

puerta de plegamiento

Who do you say the happy girls in spanish?

Las ninas felices

How do you say hyper in Spanish?

acelerado for boys and acelerada for girls

How do you say I love girls in spanish?

Me encantan las muchachas.