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Pero me gusta alguien

Pero quiero a alguien

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Q: How do you say But i like someone in spanish?
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How do you say what you are like in Spanish?

To ask what someone is like in Spanish, say, "Como eres?"

How do you say I like you in Espanol?

You can say "Me gustas" in Spanish to express liking someone.

How do you say cheer up in spanish?

If you'd like to tell someone to cheer up in Spanish you would say alegrarse. This is a very nice way to brighten someone's day.

How do you say someone is Spanish in Spanish?

es español

How do you say to someone do you like me in spanish?

IT's more like: ¿Te gusto? *¿Qué te gusta de mí?

How do you command someone to run in Spanish?

To command someone to run in Spanish, you would say 'corre.'

How do you say 'in Spanish' in Spanish?

If you are asking someone to say something in Spanish you will use the phrase "en español porfavor" or "In Spanish please."

How do I say do you like wine to someone In the Spanish language in formal?

¿(A usted) Le gusta el vino?

How do you say I like in spanish?

"Me gustas." - Platonic"Te quiero." - Something a little gustas is how you say I like you in Spanish Language.

How do you say to someone off in spanish?


What is the meaning of the Spanish word hieow musachit?

Those words are not in Spanish. It looks like it is an attempt by someone who does not speak English to say or write "How much is it?" "How much is it?" in Spanish is "¿Cuánto es?"

Ho do you say 'And' in Spanish?

y in spanish you say it like e