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Fiesta de Nochebuena. Christmas Eve party!

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Vísperas de Navidad

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Q: How do you say Christmas eve party in spanish?
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How do you say Christmas party in Spanish?

Fiesta de la Navidad

When you are counting the day of Christmas do you say Christmas Eve or Christmas day?

You say Christmas Eve because me and Jazzy and Bestfriends lol sorry if this isn't the answer you were looking for >:(

What did Adam say before Christmas?

Christmas eve!

What did Adam say to eve when he first saw her?

When Adam and Eve were in the Garden of Eden, there was no christmas, it came with the birth of Jesus on earth.

When is Canadian Christmas Eve dinner?

Usually around dinner time on Christmas eve (say 6pm (ish))

In what song about Rudolph what is the weather like on Christmas eve?

Foggy.Then one foggy Christmas eve, Santa came to say...

How do you say Please send food to the Christmas party in Spanish?

Porfavor mandar comida a la fiesta de Navidad

How do you say my name is Ma eve in Spanish?

Mi nombre es ma eve

Is Texas Roadhouse open Christmas Eve?

Just wondering, have you ever thought of checking online? It should say their hours. If they don't say if they are open on Christmas Eve, then the answer is probably yes.

What time does santa leave at on Christmas eve?

around the time he feels like it but i would say around 7 or 6 when it is really dark

The evening before may also be referred to as what?

'Eve', as in New Year's Eve, Christmas Eve, Hallowe'een (All Hallows Eve), and so on. So you can say, on the eve of some event.

How do the spanish people say Christmas?

Christmas is navidades merry Christmas is ifelices navidades