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English language is called, Αγγλικά and pronounced as "Ang-gli-ka", putting the accent tone in the "-ka".

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Q: How do you say English by greek language?
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What has the author P Koutsoubos written?

P. Koutsoubos has written: 'Greek-english dictionary' -- subject(s): Dictionaries, English, English language, Greek language, Modern, Modern Greek language

Did English come from Greek and Latin?

English is a Germanic language and derived from the same sources as Dutch and German. Greek is a language isolate distantly related to English. Latin is an Italic language distantly related to English.

How did the Greek language influence the English language?

The Greek language has a heavy influence on the English speaking civilization of the West. For example, English Greek was phonetic and was the first language that used vowels. Greek's incredibly diverse vocabulary also influenced and contributed to modern English. Thirteen point two percent of Modern day English is derived from the vocabulary of ancient Greece. Greek's written language has also influenced the creation of the English alphabet. The Greek alphabet produced many letters that are similar to the English. For example Greek's Beta is extremely similar to the English letter B. The letters of the Greek alphabet are used nowadays in modern English to represent mathematics and scientific concepts.

What is the word for 'mono' in the Greek language?

It's the same in english as it is in Greek.

Did ancient Greeks write in English?

No. The ancient Greek did not use the English language. Because there was no English language in that time. English language derived from Latin which was the official language of Roman Empire and the Roman Empire is the successor of ancient Greek the golden age of Greece.

Does WikiAnswers have a language translator?

Not exactly... though WikiAnswers can help you with translations. You can ask questions such as 'How do you say 'eat' in Greek?' to the community (categorize it in 'English to Greek'), and wait for an answer.

Do greek's speak English?

Yes, many Greeks do speak english, although their official language is Greek.

What are some vocabulary words from Greek?

Some Greek vocabulary words that are used in English writing are kudos, phobia, genesis, and dogma. The Greek language has had a strong impact on the English language.

How do you say and in Shakespeare's language?

Shakespeare's language was English. "And" in English is "and".

What is 'English' when translated from English to Greek?

Αγγλικά is a Greek equivalent of the the English word "English." The word for the English language is written in the Roman alphabet as angliká. The pronunciation will be "AN-glee-KA" in Aeginan Greek.

Are Greek words spelled the same as English words?

No. They Greek language uses a different alphabet than English.

Do Greek people speak English?

Yes, many Greeks do speak english, although their official language is Greek.