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Estoy en el 10 º grado


estoy en el décimo grado

mean the same

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Estoy en el Undécimo Grado

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Estoy en el nivel once

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Estoy en noveno grado

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Q: How do you say I am in the eleventh grade in Spanish?
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When does eleventh grade burns come out?

Eleventh Grade Burns comes out on February 9, 2010.

When was Eleventh Grade Burns created?

Eleventh Grade Burns was created on 2010-02-09.

What grade is a junior?

A junior is in eleventh grade.

Are you a senior if you're in the eleventh grade?

No you would be I 12th grade.

How many pages does Eleventh Grade Burns have?

Eleventh Grade Burns is by Heather Brewer. It is part of the Chronicles of Vladimir Tod (Book 4). The paperback has 320 pages. The hardcover also has 320 pages.

How do you say 5 grade in spanish?

You could say "el quinto grado".

What does undecimo mean in spanish?


How do you say 'what grade' in Spanish?

It depends on what you mean by "grade" If you are referring to quality, such as "what grade is this cut of meat?" or "I don't care what grade you buy as long as it does the job." The Spanish for "what grade" is "Qué grado?" If you are referring to an academic grade describing how many points you have on an exam or similar, the Spanish for "what grade" would be "Cuál nota?"

How do you say you are in grade three in spanish?

Estoy en el tercero grado (I am in the 3rd grade)

How do you say grade four in Spanish?

el cuarto grado

Is eleventh grade burns the last one of the chronicles vladimir tod?

no then it is twelveth grade kills

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