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Estoy tomando dos clases este semestre

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Q: How do you say I am taking two classes this semester in spanish?
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How do you say do you feel like taking Spanish next sememster in Spanish?

Tengo ganas de tomar una clase de epañol el proximo semestre. "I feel like taking a Spanish class next semester." ¿Tienes ganas do tomar una clase de español el proximo semestre? would be "Do you feel like taking a Spanish class next semester?"

How do you say i took 1 semester of Spanish in Spanish?

Yo tengo un semetre de espanol

How do you say classes on Tuesday in Spanish?

classes on Tuesday = clases el martes

when do emt classes start in eureka/il?

I would say summer classes are coming to an end, unless you are taking a late session course. Right now for Fall, many school begin their semester cycle. So I would say end of August is when most schools start up so aim for that.

How do you say 'for my classes' in Spanish?

Para mis clases.

How do you say the classes finish in spanish?

Las clases terminan.

How do you say this in spanish have you get your classes already?

'Have you (get*)/got your classes already' = Ya tienes tus clases *ungrammatical

How do you say this year you have eight classes in Spanish?

tengo ocho clases

How do you say how many classes are you taking?

I wouldn't read anything into it, it sounds as though he was just curious and trying to have a conversation with you.

How do you say that I am taking quizzes in Spanish?

Say 'estoy tomando examenes'

How do you say I thought you had Spanish classes in Spanish?

Pensé que tenías clases de español.

How you say my son loves his Spanish classes in Spanish?

Mi hijo ama sus clases de español