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And is a prefix, veh- which is is attached to a word. In classical Hebrew, the vowel can change, depending on the word it's attached to, making it va- vi- ve- or oo-.

Regardless of how it's pronounced, it's always spelled ו in Hebrew letters.

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a female says = ani kotevet (??? ?????)

a male says = ani kotev (??? ????)

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a male says "ani kotev et shmee"

a female says "ani kotevet et shmee"

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a female says = ani kotevet (אני כותבת)

a male says = ani kotev (אני כותב)

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Q: How do you say I am writing in Hebrew?
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You say it the same way as in English. If you are interested in writing it in Hebrew, this is how: קיילי.

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Yes, Hebrew writing is from right to left, except for numbers which are left to right.

How do you say 'Never give up and you will succeed' in Hebrew?

You would translate the sentence never give up and you will succeed from English to Hebrew by writing לעולם אל תתיאש ואז תצליח.

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You say 'Yalda' in Hebrew

What was the problem with Hebrew writing?

There was no problem with the Hebrew writing system, only a challenge: Hebrew was written without vowels. around the 7th to10th Centuries, a system of vowels was added to aid in reading.

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Has in Hebrew is: YESH

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"Tikra" (תקרה) is how you say ceiling in Hebrew.

Was Hebrew the first written script of the world?

No, not even remotely. The first documented writing form was the writing of the Sumerians, around 3200 BCE (about 2000 years before Hebrew writing probably emerged).

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todah al ha ahava (תודה על האהבה)

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