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male to male: ani ma'arikh et hanedivut shelkha

male to female: ani ma'arikh et hanedivut shelakh

female to male: ani ma'arikha et hanedivut shelkha

female to female: ani ma'arikha et hanedivut shelakh

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the answer can be yes no maybe it doesn't count on prettiness it count on how smart or dump you are everyone can make a change in this world earth

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to a male: atah kol kakh matok

to a female: at kol kakh metukah

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Q: How do you say I appreciate your kindness in Hebrew?
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How do you say kindness in Hebrew?


What is the Hebrew translation and transliteration for Kindness is strength?

Kindness is Strength = חסד הוא חוזק KHESS-ed hoo KHO-zek

What does Annette mean in Hebrew?

Annette is derived from the Hebrew name Hannah or Channah (חנה) which means kindness.

What to say when a guy asks why do like him?

Tell him what you like about him, of course: eyes, hair, voice, hugs... we love it when you tell us that, at least I do :)

Things to say that are nice?

"You have a great sense of humor!" "I appreciate your kindness and generosity." "You are incredibly talented at what you do." "Your positive attitude is infectious and uplifting."

How do you appreciate other people?

You can appreciate other people by expressing gratitude for their actions or qualities, acknowledging their efforts, offering compliments, and actively listening to their thoughts and feelings. Additionally, showing kindness, support, and respect towards them can also be ways to demonstrate appreciation.

What is the meaning of the Hebrew word chesed?

Chesed is either kindness or a kind action.

What is the meaning of khen hashem in Hebrew?

khen hashem (חן ה׳) = "the kindness of God"

What is the Hebrew word for kindness?

khesed (חסד) or tuv lev (טוב לב)

How do you say appreciate in tagalog?

"Appreciate" in Tagalog is "pahalagahan."

What are some way to tell if someone is awesome?

You can tell the person, "you one in a million". You can also send an appreciate text message to acknowledge this fact. For example you can write "I appreciate your love and kindness towards me"

How do you say hand in Hebrew?

You say 'Yalda' in Hebrew