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How do you say I hate French in French?

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Je déteste le français.
To say "I hate French" (as in the French language) in French, you would say, "Je déteste le français." If you want to say "I hate the French" (as in the French people), you would say instead, "Je déteste les français."

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How do you say hate in French?

to hate is 'détester' or 'haïr' in French.

What is the French word for the English word hate?

To hate = haïr, détester. Hate (noun)= haine. To say I hate you to a person then say I haine you.

How do you say i hate two faced people in French?

To say "I hate two faced people" In French you say "Je déteste deux personnes face"

How do you say 'I hate her' in French?

I hate her is 'je la déteste' in French.

How do you say hate that cat in french?

i hate that cat mean je déteste ce chat in french

How do you say hates in french?

To say "I hate" is Je Deteste

How do you say do you hate in french?

la haine=hate Je déteste=i hate je vous hais=i hate you

How do you say i like and i hate in french?

j'aime is i like. je deteste is i hate.

How do you say I hate early mornings in French?

I hate early mornings is "je déteste les petit matins" in French.

How do you say 'i hate you' in french?

The noun is détester To say I hate you, you'd say (formal) "Je vous déteste." To say I hate you, you'd say (informal) "Je te déteste."

How do you say hate on it in french?

Difficult to say, as the phrase does not appear to exist in English.

How do say you hate history in french?

"tu déteste l'histoire".

How do you say 'i hate soccer' in french?

"Je déteste le foot". (Lots of French guys may hate you for this, if you're a guy, that is)

How do you say in French I hate the French?

Je déteste les français.

How do you say i hate math in french?

je detester le mathimatiques

How do you say i hate your face in french?

je déteste ton visage

How do you say I hate my job in french?

Je déteste mon travail! :)

How do you say i hate bananas in french?

'Je déteste les bananes'

How do you say I hate sandwich in French?

Je déteste les sandwiches.

How do you say i hate cancer in french?

Je déteste le cancer.

What is 'hate' in French?

"hate" as a noun is la haine. However, keep in mind that the translation would be different if you want to say something like, "I hate you."

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